Show up even when no one applauds you

Rollin with the P

Photo credit Soul Trip

Most of us need someone or something in order to feel accomplished. Without that reassurance or admiration we feel lost maybe even inadequate. We need people to “See Me.”

What if no one sees you? Can you still show up?

Assuming that you’re like the majority of us, wishing (maybe even yearning) to be recognized. This relates to the fact that validation from others just feels good.

In childhood your need for reassurance and approval, helped you feel accepted and secure, consequently, more comfortable inside yourself.

What if you never get that reassurance.

Are you’re gonna not follow your dreams because you think no one will see you, praise you, support you or make you feel good.

Well I’m gonna say, stop waiting and “show up even if no one applauds you.” Dance as if someone is dancing with you. Inspire to inspire yourself…

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