[Short Story] Lucky You

The odds of being born on any given day are about 0,27%. Of course, certain days are different than others, due to religious, cultural, or practical reasons. That’s why the odds of being born on Christmas Day are 0.0022%.

I was born on Christmas Day.


You ever hear the expression: “Karma’s a bitch?”

I know, I know. Such a terrible cliche. But it’s kind of true. I never met her, but I can tell you that “bitch” is the best possible definition of karma.

Fate. Destiny.

Fate fortunes the bold, the Romans would say.

It does. But she also screws them over, in ways no one could ever possibly imagine.

Like the ancient gods of Greece.

Like the way Zeus screwed mortal men and especially women for centuries.

You know, in that witty and cruel manner that makes you wonder if gods were ever on our side.


There’s this exam I haven’t had the time or energy to study for, so the teacher gets sick.

A friend is two months out on the rent, lost his job, his girlfriend dumped him. What happens? I whisper to him that he should try his luck at the lottery. He wins just enough to keep his head above water.

What would you do if you could have a bit of luck when you needed it the most? If you had the ability to simply… if you could manipulate fate in such a way as the outcome of an event favors you?

Some of you’d say this isn’t a power to be had by any mortal man, and you’d be right.

This isn’t the kind of thing you’d wish for in your life. The same way a judge feels the burden of having to differentiate right from wrong. Or a surgeon his ability to offer more life to the dying.

With great power comes…

There are checks and balances in this world. Ying and Yang. Black and white.

Newton’s third law states that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Fortune favors the bold. And then screws up their lives.

A week after the teacher gets sick, I catch a nasty flu. Fever and all that.

A couple days after my friend won the lottery, I lost my phone.

Karma’s a bitch, so I have to be careful how I use it to my advantage.

I have to calculate the odds, for every good thing I attract in my life, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Told you karma’s a bitch.

Today is Ariel’s birthday. My present; a photo shoot. Yeah, I am one of those artsy types. What do they call them? Hipsters. And she’s quite beautiful. So we walk around the city, me taking as many pictures of her as I can.

You’d think it a bit creepy if I told you she’s not my girlfriend. Yet.

But if I were to tell you that her smile is better than any metaphor ever written by man, you’d understand me.

So, we aimlessly wander through the city. A few hundred of pictures later, she has her back against a wall. There’s this graffiti of some wings on it. Yeah, you got the idea: she looks like an angel.

God, I am really that cliche.

She’s say I am commercial.

I guess I am.

Nonetheless, the pictures are stunning. She is stunning.

Then we go for a cup of coffee, while she stares at the few hundred photographs I took of her.

I wish this day would never end. I wonder how much this would cost me if I truly wished it into existence. I wonder…

A few hours later, we walk out of the cafe, and it’s time to say good bye. Ariel thanks me for the wonderful day. She smiles. I feel my ears and cheeks burning, blood boiling inside my veins. She looks at me like no one ever did. Odds are, no one ever will.

We go our separate ways. That’s when I feel the urge to turn around and stare at her one more time. She’s crossing the street. A few yards away from her, a car. She doesn’t seem to notice it. I run as fast as I can, and I pray that I am fast enough to save her from disaster.

The thing is, I am not nearly fast enough.

If only…

These are the saddest words in all existence.

To me, at least.

Fortune had once smiled upon me. That’s what my grandmother used to tell me. I was born on Christmas Day, the same day as most of the gods of old and new. I was born to conquer the world, to achieve great things.

I am not fast enough, but I can will things into existence.

If only I could reach her in time and save her from disaster. If only I could push her out of harm’s way.

If only, if only…

And before I can blink, we’re both lying against the cold pavement. She stares me in the eyes, dumbfounded. She is breathing fast and brokenly like a fish out of water.

Ariel. Still more beautiful than any work of art man has ever imagined into existence.

And I know karma’s a bitch, and fortune favors the bold. Only for a little while.

Then she screws up with them in the most sadistic way possible.

For Newton’s third law states clearly: for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  1. “There’s this exam I haven’t had the time or energy to study for, so the teacher gets sick.” ………. that was me, about 2 weeks ago. Fast forward, I BARELY pass it. Hopefully my being sick a few weeks before the teacher was will be enough to hold karma off for awhile. She’s had quite a lot of fun with me over the last 18 months.

    Liked by 1 person

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