The Writer: Chapter 6

Do you know what the saddest thing about you is?

No one is going to remember you. Fifty years from now, when you’re long gone, when all the pictures of you and your family have decayed like old bones in a cemetery, you’ll be less than nothing.

It will be as if you never even existed.

So what’s the purpose of it all? Why should you pretend to be the good guy, why are you trying to bring judgment upon the world, when the world itself doesn’t want you, doesn’t need you, and most certainly is going to forget you the moment you die? Why would anyone want to be nothing?

Blessed are those who have nothing and want nothing, for they will never gain anything.

Have you heard of Herostratus? He was a guy back in Ancient Greece who wanted to be remembered for the rest of time. He didn’t want to die an anonymous. But he had no skill, no talent. He wasn’t a great painter or sculptor; he wasn’t a philosopher or even a good soldier.

We all want to leave our mark upon this world, even if it is a scar, even if the only thing we do is try to set it on fire. Make the world hate you, burn down God’s creation, and you shall never be forgotten.

What would you prefer? To be forgotten or to be hated?

So this guy Herostratus burned down the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Some people, huh?

The Ephesians, trying to discourage all the good for nothing lunatics who would try something similar, forbade mention of his name under penalty of death. Just so he would be no one forever. Funny thing how we still know his name.

What would you prefer? To be just another soldier in an army or for your name to be a synonym of the word traitor for the rest of time?

Judas? Benedict Arnold?

Blessed are those who die without doing anything, for they shall be forgotten in less than four generations.

What would you prefer? To be a carpenter or to be crucified?

Be honest.

What was your great grandfather’s name?


      1. I mean’t it in a good light. I’m happy and content. I don’t have to be burned into the memory of everyone for all eternity. I only care about being there for my sons. They are the only ones I care about.


  1. I (personally) don’t care if I’m remembered. However, I would love it if my books and the knowledge in them was. (It’s not the writer who is important, but the wisdom he leaves behind.)

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  2. My great grandfather’s name was Isaac, but I only know that because I was named after him. Other than that, yeah. I’d like to be remembered for bringing light and humor to those I loved. Or for changing the world. But let’s be honest…I probably won’t do the latter! I can give it my best shot while I’m here though!

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  3. I like to think that we live on in weird stories, memories passed down, and that there’s someone out there who will come upon the spot we lay for the rest of eternity and go, “Who were they?” Maybe they create their own stories for our lives, but who knows? At the end of the day, maybe the names we worked to remember in history class will fade away, too.

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