Did I Give You Permission To Make Me Cry?

Learning to Grow and Sow into God's kingdom

Written by: Lakisha Tucker

Editor: Sonya McTillman

Images by: Adobe Spark, Kathy Norcott, personal photo library

Did I give you permission to make me cry?

I’m left asking myself, why?

Why do you think it’s ok to groom me to be a bride of gloom?

I have no control over what you say or do, it’s only for you.

I just want to be a child, one that likes to play and run around wild.

Wild Child

To feel the breeze, as it blows from the trees

And run around scraping my knees.

Or maybe I could make a wish that we didn’t get in trouble for Playing with the crawfish.

Better yet we loved to play in the lake and give Granny a Headache. She would yell and scream “stay out of that stream!”

Granny, didn’t like us in the stream. We would try anything not to hear her…

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