Chapter 1: My friend Coco Tomātl

Coco, Coco, Coco, amazing Coco Tomātl. Coco is my friend, one of the best. Coco is so amazing – you cannot even imagine. I am telling you. Even I, knowing her for years can’t predict her very next move, her very next thought. This is how amazing she is. But one thing is sure. Whatever her move – she turns glass to diamonds, tears to smile, water to wine, words to poems, men to women…

Ehe, sorry, she does not turn men to women. I got carried away. She turns men on, that she does…

Coco is gorgeous. She is so beautiful; when she walks the streets, you can hear the jaws dropping “klack, klack, klack”, male jaws, female jaws and all other jaws available around. You feel like the National Jaw Dropping Day.

Coco is lovely. Men want her. Women want to be her. Once Coco starts talking –…

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