My Daily Routine

It’s early morning for me. Sitting at my desk, answering e-mails, replying to comments, and I thought, why not write a post about my daily routine.

The truth is that we need a routine of sorts, because it ensures that we’re getting things done.

Here’s my daily routine, as of right now.

Wake up at 4:30 a.m.
Drink water. Plenty of it.
Make a mental list of what needs to be done for today.
Reply to e-mails, comments, etc.
Listen to a podcast.

Walk out the door at 6:30 AM.
Eat breakfast, drink coffee, work, work, work.

Go to the Gym (at around 8 AM).

Walk out of the gym at around 10AM.

Eat. Drink the second cup of coffee.


Arrive home at 1:30 PM.

Work, work, work.

Eat at 4:30 PM.

Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch something educational, like a documentary.

Eat at 7:30 PM.

9PM. Lights out.

My routine is quite simple, and the only thing that I do differently than most people is that:

  • I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, and I work in half an hour increments, so after I finish a meal, I work for half an hour, after I walk out of the gym, I work for half an hour, sometimes I work while on the treadmill.
  • I workout every day.

As for waking up at 4:30 a.m., I only started doing that within the last few months — before that it was more like 6:30, so I’ve really become an early riser just in the last year, but waking up early helps me get a lot more done. A lot. By midday I feel as if I’ve accomplished so much, that I could take the rest of the day if I wanted to: all posts are written, edited, and scheduled across all my blogs, e-mails have bee replied to, I did my workout…

So, what about your daily routine? Do you have one? What does it look like?


  1. I wake up at 545am and pray/meditate for 10 minutes. My husband brings me coffee and a smoothie on my way out the door. I sub 8 – 3 and pick up my own kids until 5. I make dinner or hit a meeting and blog in the evening. Weekends and vacations are my script writing time. I’ve got this Saturday carved out. My goal this summer is to get my writing portfolio up online again so that next year I sub 3 days/week and write articles 2 days/week while waiting for that pilot to sell! That’s the plan!

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  2. I keenly interested in waking up at 4 a.m,but I couldn’t as I sleep at 12.30 a.m and I wake up at 5.45 a.m but on sat day and sunday I wake up at 7.30-8 am… Nice post on daily routine

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  3. Thanks for sharing your routine! I like finding out how people organise their day. Mine, I wake up at 7.20am, go to work and come back at 6.35pm. Afterwards I try to get some freelancing work done. I find it’s better to do a little bit throughout the week and spread the load out instead of cramming it all on the weekends (as I have been doing). Then I sleep at 10.30. I’d like to sleep earlier because I literally need more than 8 hours of sleep.

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  4. Really nice post. I have been trying to maintain a daily routine but been a freelancer and working for yourself, the hardest part is to maintain a routine! It is an everyday task

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  5. I get up at 6am. Go through emails, WordPress, and the newspaper until 8. Eat. Write until 11. 11-1 lunch and take a mental break (exercise, tv, or computer games). 1-3 read, 3-6 write more. 6-8 dinner and exercise. 8-10 spend time with husband. 10-11 bath/shower and watch Gilmore Girls. 11- lights out. Rinse repeat :)

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  6. Reads “Wake up at 4:30 a.m” and feels guilt over the fact that she hit the snooze button twice that morning and skipped the gym… Then continues to read “drink water” and “go to gym” and realizes that this blogger is WAY more motivated than she is.
    Your day in the life post was very motivating, and I hope that my days look a bit more like this in the future. Working on it!!
    I DO make sure there are two cups of coffee in each day though, so we have that in common! :)

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  7. Every now and then I get up extra early on the weekends. I totally enjoy it, because I do get to experience so much more that I would had I slept in. However, that is not something my body can sustain in the long run. It desperately needs every minute of sleep it can get.

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        1. Well, try the it the other way around. Wake up 4 AM. You’re going to feel like shit for a day, but you’ll fall asleep at 8 then. Especially if you go to bed at 1AM or something like that.

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  8. my day starts with a long, silent meditation, followed by breakfast and coffee in front of laptop, cleaning up crappy posts in my fb group. then i do some work, yoga routine in afternoon (more meditation) …are you yawning yet? cooking dinner, watching “Chasing Monsters”, sometimes a library-borrowed movie in evening…

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  9. Thanks for sharing about your routine! Glad you found one that works for you. I also agree that a regular routine helps with accomplishing goals and tasks. Yet, it’s not a one-size fits all solution. Everyone has their own uniqueness and that means that one set routine doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. I agree that you hit on some key everyday habits that everyone ought to be doing, such as a drinking plenty of water, working out, and eating breakfast at a decent time.

    If I could tag anything additional to your post I’d encourage others to find what works for them – especially given however complex a job or other responsibilities demand efforts – so a routine could be tailored, with forethought and intentional-ity of making the most of the day.

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  10. I wake up around 5. Meditate. Do my Kriya. Breakfast around 7. Then go for my morning walks. Tuesdays and Thrusdsys I go to Pilates. After that I listen to some online courses, write for my blogs, work on my social media. Lunch around 11. Work the whole afternoon in my projects. Have a kombucha break around 14. Work more till 5. Have dinner. Relax. Watch something, read. Go to bed around 22. I wish I could sleep around 21 instead. 😘

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  11. Definitely inspiring! It’s so valuable to hook tasks onto existing habits like working out. How did you find the transition to 430am and how does this affect social life? Not that I’m out until 430am…

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    1. Well, here’s how it happened. Started going to gym on a daily basis. I’m quite fragile in terms of body size, so this took a toll on my overall energy levels.

      I found myself falling asleep at 8-9 PM. I’d sleep some 10-11 hours a night.

      But over time, as I grew accustomed to this, I’d sleep less and less. I still went to sleep at 8-9 PM, but I’d wake up at 6 AM, 5 AM…

      Social life? Well, we can go out during the day. It is a struggle, but I sacrificed my social life for far less important things, so this is worth it in my opinion.

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  12. Your routine is a very one that anyone would aspire for! As for me I usually up by 5.30 to 6.. play chess online for some time.. morning walk + prayer for two hours.. take time to read and comment fellow bloggers, check mail for about 2 hours.. work time.. depends on the work…read books/browse online, writing blog posts..on an average that would take. 2 to 3 hrs..hit the best usually around 12.30/1 am… that’s an average of 5 hrs sleep… this has been the routine for past few years…

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      1. I meant reading fellow bloggers.. commenting… check mail interspersed over the day. Thank you for asking.

        I follow quite a lot of blogs and so much creativity, beautiful through and messages… sometimes I get carried over.. :)

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