The Art of Being Strong

What does it mean to be a human being?

What sets us apart from all the other animals?

I often ask myself these two questions, trying to figure out what is it that we need to do when the going gets tough.

Some might say that our minds are our most human parts. Maybe. Maybe we can think and think and think and realize that complaining makes no difference.

Being worried does not change what is about to happen.

Being a coward does not make threats go away. Especially the kind of threats that we have to deal with these days.

I believe that we can understand that pain is inevitable. And that we must face it. We must be brave in times of adversity.

I believe there’s only one true virtue: that of being brave.


To be afraid, yet to do what must be done, regardless of consequences. To be strong when every fiber in your body tells you you’re going to crumble.

Everything, except your mind, that is.

And you choose to be strong.

15 thoughts on “The Art of Being Strong

  1. Absolutely!

    It sounds strange to say and stranger to believe, but we really can “choose” to be happy in the midst of trouble. It’s all about how we “see” the problems. We can let it/them crush and define us or control the narrative and own it!

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  2. I agree with you but the thing is that what if crying a little bit makes your mind burdem free? It definitely doesn’t change the situation but for me atleast when I cry for a while I realize what kind of mistake or whatever I have done.


  3. Perhaps being brave for another, for a cause, being brave against all odds for the voiceless, nature in particular is a higher virtue? Great post. Thank you Cristian.


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