Fake it Until You Make it

To be happy, we must become happy with who we are; we must accept ourselves, recognize the good, accept the bad, and come to see our flaws and shortcomings as proof of us being human.

But if you’re like me, there’s always something you want to change — fine tuning daily habits to help you reach your goals.

The problem is, many people just don’t believe they can actually do it — they have a negative self-image, and that negativity will stop them from achieving their goals every single time.

So today’s post is about this simple concept:

Fake it until you make it.

Think about the goal you want to achieve.

Who is the kind of person who has already achieved that goal or developed that habit?

Visualize this successful person.

Now, pretend you are that person. Imagine yourself stepping inside this person.

Without belief, without faith, you have nothing, and are incapable of becoming anything.

This is the trick. It’s not about what you want to achieve, but who you need to become in order to achieve those goals.

Just by pretending to be the person who has what you want, and assuming that identity, you will think and act like then.

You are, without a shadow of a doubt, what you think about all day long.

This magical trick can work for any goal, and for any person.

Imagine that you are that person, and you will become them.


    1. Thank you!

      And, yes, that’s the idea. Think of who you’d wish to be, who you’d be if you weren’t afraid of failing, of other people. That’s who you really are.


  1. Definitely the truth! We all know what needs to be done to achieve our goals, or at least, we have an inkling on how to find it out. Just a matter of blending that with who we already to become who we want to be.

    Wonderful reminder!

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          1. Ok. Thank you for sharing. I had read in one of your posts that you started writing when you were around 13. Did you want to have a career in literature back then?
            😅Sorry, I use it as a term for respect. But also, because you’re way older than me.😂

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  2. I don’t know how to dwell beyond what I know. It has to feel right, while allowing new paths to open to let good changes in. I’m very confident in the paths I chose. But I am extremely shy. So I can input passion and strength into my work and writing, yet struggle with talking to people. I can fake it through adopting characters, but they can dissolve the moment nerves consume me. I continue to try, since practice is necessary. One day I’ll be the secure person I pretend I am.


  3. “Without belief, without faith, you have nothing, and are incapable of becoming anything.
    This is the trick. It’s not about what you want to achieve, but who you need to become in order to achieve those goals.”
    I did not believe I could be…anything particularly, but along the way of choosing a possibility of “Something,” I became someone in attaining my goal without promise of success.
    have faith…is to act through not knowing an outcome vs. trusting which is known. By living, we all have faith by default. Failure is a possibility as well as a success…neither can be known, but only a somebody will find out.
    Are we willing to endure either? Enter faith in unbelieving…and not knoTowing…but willing.
    God bless all in the dream of life your living…always in faith despite belief in knowing… or simply not knowing, but willing.
    I once read that “the most successful people are those that have failed the most because they were willing to try and willing to fail.” and in these…they became “something [somebody].” It’s so interesting how even a nothing of a person is somebody to someone some place. In their character, how did they come about it nothing? Of their failures and successes, which of these did they choose or not choose before they were something?
    I love puzzles.


  4. Manifestion is key. I thoroughly enjoy reading your insights, Cristian. They come from a place of humility and wisdom. Hard to believe youre in your twenties! 🙂

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