Allows Inmates To Have Their Voices Heard

Inmate Blogger

Every person has a voice that deserves to be heard, including those who are incarcerated. is a collection of blogs written by men and women in prison. It serves as a platform which allows them to share their individual stories, opinions, talents, and their inner thoughts. I support & believe that writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing.

You can lock up a man, but you can’t lock up their mind. Blogging is such a positive alternative when compared to all the misconduct that goes on within prison, and this platform is FREE to all inmates (Submitting Blogs).

Please share with your friends, family, and with your incarcerated loved ones.

Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Thank you.

(NOTE: Inmates do not have access to the internet. This site is managed by Suzie Jennings.)

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6 thoughts on “ Allows Inmates To Have Their Voices Heard

    • Quite right. I think the concept is worth study as some research has shown that inmates who have an artistic outlet are much more receptive to reform and release.

      That being said, I agree with you… I hope there’s some vetting and/or editing in place to monitor those who would use this privilege as a way of garnering sympathy for their cause or reaching knowns persons on the outside of their incarceration.

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    • I agree R.A. I do believe inmate rehabilitative programs offer inmate course work on “Criminal Thinking.” There is actually a whole psychology (study of human behavior) on the subject; and part of the correctional employee force are required to also study it.

      A prisons primary number one numero Uno directive is – First and foremost Societal safety and security; second is Inmate safety and security…and then finally and equally important is their own safety and security. You may not be able to imagine ALL the many considerations that go into what means safety with regard to those that have criminal thinking as their default…hard wired primary consideration in regard to…well…all of life.

      This does not mean all incarcerated think evil thoughts and mean harm, but human nature can lead to some serious miss-steps that do pose danger and harm to society, and even through the freedom of speech, GREAT HARM can be done; can incite, mislead other’s actions, feelings, discernment of right (write) and wrong and cause demise through such. For the tender hearted and compassionate; just remember these two attributes may and should be carefully translated into appropriate consideration as one faces evil. There ARE equivalent expression for evil doers, and I assure you they do not include singing “Kum-ba-ya” holding hands in a friendship circle or hugs, pity and sympathy with a back turned in faith that your love is a shield. No! Be prudent!

      I believe, of a well conceived degree of compassion for such that are evil, “Be fair, firm and consistent” is the equivalent to “Hugs, singing and handholding” out here in the real world. OK?

      Inmate activity is scrutinized, and…we the readers need to be discerning.


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  1. I think this opportunity humanizes those who are incarcerated; aside from which I balk at the term criminals because of the labeling. How many of us stop to think why these people have ended up where they have; what happened in THEIR lives to turn them towards criminal activity? Ok, that’s for another day… Still, I believe that everyone should have a right to use their voice. We too can learn from those who are behind bars. Multumesc Cristian, for highlighting this blog. Hats off to Suzie Jennings too.

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