Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Thoughts. They aren’t so easy to control, are they?

You think and you think and then you feel and then you act. Or don’t act.

You think and think and you decide who you are. You let those thoughts tell you are.

You think and you think and you’ve thought yourself out of happiness so many times, but seldom into it.

You think sideways. You think in circles. You think about what has to be done, you think about what can no longer be done.

You think and you think and without ever realizing it, you create your reality.

And then, paradoxically, the most difficult thing is to change said reality.

To change the way you view the world around you, the way you perceive yourself and the people you come into contact with.

Think about it.

Think about the way your thinking creates a world that is different from what other people perceive.

Can you see flaws? Inconsistencies? Irrational behavior? Naive thinking patterns?

Can you see beyond the web your thoughts weaved along the years?

Can you see the intricate pattern of automatic thoughts that keep everything into place?

What if you were to change just a little bit?

A part that you don’t enjoy so much.

An aspect of reality that scares you. Or makes you sad. Or angry.

A rule you came up with ten or so years ago that keeps telling you that you can’t do certain things.

What if you spent day after day changing the way your thoughts construct your reality?

What would you achieve?

What would you accomplish?


  1. Our thoughts are so important. Guarding them, controlling them is vital to our joy and our success. the determine our attitude and influence our resilience. They can mold, shape, and change us for the better…or the worse. We get to choose. “Oh the thinks we could think if only we try…”–Dr. Suess

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  2. So true. I tell myself now that I can be patient and not have to have the answers all at once. In that space of waiting God can enter.

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  3. As I wrote on another comment once, I try to spend 15-20 minutes every morning to write about positive thoughts, to celebrate what I achieved (that is more important than thinking about what I have to achieve, which becomes stressing) and painting with my imagination the achievements of my goals as I already did it. It helps to look at the entire day in a different way, it pumps up positive energy.
    And, as I could experience in the past, dreams often become reality.

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  4. I have been working on changing my thoughts and reality for a long time and I say, it has been so much for the better! In these last three months I have been focusing on further growth and finding that the power of prayer, thinking, and discipline can make all the difference between a well lived life and a mediocre one. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Powerful stuff. Gotta be mindful of your thoughts. My thoughts are often negative and therefore I often find myself stuck in negative emotions.

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  6. I’ve been really looking into the law of attraction lately, and your writing makes me want to look into it even more. Thoughts are so important to the way you feel & what you do so I loved everything you said about thinking differently can change your reality

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  7. This made me think of the Bible verse: “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Romans 12:2).

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