[REBLOG] Himpathy

Himpathy. It’a a blend of him and sympathy, and it basically means inappropriate sympathy for a male sexual predator. In times of #metoo Kate Manne coined this term to describe the disproportionate sympathy powerful men receive over their less powerful female victims. There’s an infinite amount of examples out there: Brett Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, but also Brock Turner who certainly got his judge himpathised.

But himpathy is also practised by women, and it extends much further than sexual assault.


5 thoughts on “[REBLOG] Himpathy

  1. This “movement” or whatever you wish to call it, is merely a movement that acts as the “cunning warrior”.

    “Cunning” does not strike at either mind, nor body. It targets the heart.

    The MeToo movement acts in this fashion, targeting the weakness of a man. For a woman will wear her heart on her sleeve, whereas a man will bury what’s he’s attempting to forget. Is this not all sadism in its truest form? Leave it to the bedroom, I say…

    …or was that too much?


  2. The greatest challenge in the world is to “discover what awaits beneath”.

    And for the past many decades, the world and its human society has circled around discovery like a preying hawk.

    When Feminism abandoned marriage, each woman to that miserable movement was like a puppet controlled by stringed controlled by Nature. For She has Her hands in everything. She is not immune to Man’s destruction, though Man’s destruction is like the bite of a flea compared to existence and non-existence. Life and death, that is, and where is the nobility in a woman jumping on the “bandwagon” for this spree of destruction?

    I thought a woman’s form of “nobility” was to preserve life? The only “truest mother” is Nature, she would never abort her children.

    See, when people focus on selfishness, their ego rises and they are never selfless. Pride becomes a fixation in such a world, because when society is disordered, this makes the common human less likely to look around themselves, and more likely to blame themselves. Psychology 101.


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