On Feeling Broken

“When you are the anvil, be patient. When you are the hammer, strike.” Arabian Proverb

I have this defect. One of my legs. Nothing too crazy, it just makes me walk in a funny way.

I also don’t have the most symmetric of faces.

I used to weight some 55kg at a height of 175 cm.

I’ve been sick of one thing or another ever since I can remember. Spent a lot of time in hospitals.

I’ve been alone for almost all my life.

I’ve been depressed, socially anxious, lonely, tired, so, so tired, I’ve been suicidal, self-destructive, selfish, and a real pain in the ass for a lot of people.

I spent eight years writing without earning a dime, being constantly told to give up on my dreams.

I felt broken. Broken beyond repair, a sinner that is no longer worthy of redemption.

But, through it all, I lived. I have survived all the bad days so far.

I have fought and keep fighting. The good fight. The grind. The crazy hustle. The hundred hour work weeks, the “die trying” sort of thing.

We are all broken. We are aware of our own mortality, of how fragile it all is.

And then life happens…

Do you want to go through life without a few scratches to prove that you were alive?

And if you could do that, the act of pursuing comfort will break your heart.

The one sure way to end up with a boring, miserable life is to always try to find pleasure and happiness. To do what is easy.

Life is not a balancing act. Stop pretending it is.

Life is about satisfaction. The struggle pleases us, not the victory. It’s about the climb, not reaching the top.

It’s not winning that truly counts, but our desire to win.

Life breaks us all, but we are not broken. We are stronger.

Stronger because what does not kill us, makes us wish it did. For a long time.

Hell is being killed by something and then being forced to keep on living.


  1. This is amazing! Your strength shows. It’s so hard for people to be vulnerable and open about their struggles. Your brave and a wonderful writer! 🌟🙏🌻

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      1. I think you can see strength in yourself. Maybe not as much as others see it in us or we see t in others but we need to try to recognize it within. (My best friend always has to remind me.)

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  2. Wow! What an inspiring post,I felt I was there in one or two lines of this post,and yes, there’s no easy life,we have to keep on struggling, keep on the strength 💪💪💪

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  3. beautiful sir, so much respect for you from India..being only 17 years old and writing for just 2 years without any followers made me feel like giving up… but your struggle is true, hats off to the wonderful person that you are now.Keep writing..cause everytime you do I get inspired :)


  4. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, each struggle, pain and let down shapes us into who we are meant to be…still trying to figure out who that is but I’ll get there.
    Great post.

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