The Pursuit of Happiness

What is happiness? How can we obtain it? How can we keep it? Why is it so important for us to be happy?

Questions we all asked ourselves at certain points in life.

But the truth is that happiness cannot be obtained. Or bought. Or kept.

Happiness is not a destination, but a way of travel. Happiness is a choice. A way of seeing life.

Happiness is progress.

It’s not about being the best at something, but about becoming better. Each and every day.

Like most things in life, happiness requires discipline.

We must appreciate what we already have, which is easier said than done.

In such a competitive society, in this therapy culture, in which failures and problems form the foundation of most relationships, it seems almost impossible for us to be content with what we have.

Those around us will find our faults and ask us what are we going to do to fix them.

There’s nothing to fix. We are who we are. Human. Flawed.

Happiness just is. And it’s in each and everyone of us.

What we think, what we feel, what we do. Why we do what we do.

Happiness is an inside job, and the reason most people are unhappy is because they’re searching for happiness in all the wrong places.


  1. Your last statement made me stop and think..which frankly..I thing we a ll should do once in a while because sometimes we are looking for happiness in the wrong places byt don’t even realise it.
    Also your “about” made me laugh..thougjt you should know you made a person happy today

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  2. Wow. That’s so true. You make your own happiness and no one makes you happy. I have an ex-husband who decided after 43 years with me that he just wasn’t happy. I told him I was before and always will be. He thought it was my job to make him happy. He will never find happiness if he expects someone else to provide it. It’s been 5 years and I’m even happier. Love yourself and the rest follows.

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  3. I don’t think much about happiness anymore. And this blog pretty much explains why. Happiness is a by-product of positive things like achieving goals and understanding failures. It’s a by-product of being content and at peace with who and what you are. If you ask me if I’m happy, my response is a shrug with, “I guess so,” attached.
    I can tell you when I’m not happy, though. It’s when I’m faced with unsolicited challenges in my life.
    I was once told that you don’t have to have a reason for being happy or liking something, but you should always have a reason for being unhappy or NOT liking something

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  4. All true. For me happiness is watching a shrine an object d art obtaining one that I will cherish everyday, stroking a friendly cat who likes it, watching my snails spawn, seeing my wife laugh, welcoming a friend home, having a relaxing drink in the evening, watching a real good tv serial, wondering at nature, to communicate with God through a hymn mantra or a devotional song.

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  5. According to me, the only way to be happy is to live in the present. Forget the yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow, just live the current moment to the fullest. That’s it!


              1. That’s the spirit. In fact, I have read a post on a blog which has 1k+ followers saying that the author hasn’t linked any social media accounts to her blog and that blog also has free plan. Is it possible?

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                1. Of course it is.

                  1,000 followers is not that much.

                  But you are limiting yourself.

                  Think of it like this: can you win a fight with a hand tied behind your back? Maybe. Depends on who you’re fighting.

                  This is what you are choosing to do with social media.


                    1. You can get people to read your blog without even going online. It all comes down to time, effort, and money.

                      Print out a million flyers and give them to people on the street, and you’ll get subscribers.

                      Or wear a t-shirt with your blog address on.

                      Tell everyone you meet you have a blog.

                      But not using social media is a tool you are not using. That is all. A tool. You can use it or not. You’re not going to die if you don’t use it, you’re just making things harder for yourself. That is all.


  6. I agree with you as well. I like the statement that happiness is an inside job. We have to learn to be happy with who we are and change what we can when we need to, but always striving to be happy with where we are in life.

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