What’s Your Purpose?


“Clarify your purpose. What is the why behind everything you do? When we know this in life or design it is very empowering and the path is clear.” – Jack Canfield

I often tell people that the few months I spent writing and posting my stories on Wattpad were the happiest I have yet to live. I have made the decision to see only the nostalgic beauty of those moments and not the absurd struggle.

Don’t you feel that sometimes we try so hard to turn real life into art? To turn our past into a story that could never be true? A story that is either better or worse than anything “real”?

The truth is that during those months I was barely surviving. I had just enough not to die. I had no friends, no life outside the one I was building with every story I wrote. Art offered me an escape from the cruel reality of being no one in particular. I was still invisible, but I didn’t care.

It didn’t take the pain away, it just made me feel as if some things were more important than pain. Or fear. Or death.

It is said that you don’t know what you really believe in until you’re willing to die for it. I say it’s the other way around. What we love most demands of us that we live, that we try to change the world according to this belief.

There was a time when writing was all I had…

Ever since I was thirteen I believed that I was meant to be a writer, that it was my inexorable destiny to become one. No matter what. Yeah, I gave up countless times, but I never lost hope. Such a powerful drug; hope. I always knew I would return to my stories and characters…

Maybe it’s delusional to think like this; that you have a higher purpose, that you were born in order to accomplish something. But in our darkest moments we tell ourselves that, over and over again, and somehow it makes us feel better. The world can’t stop us.

But then again, how many people choose to embrace such an illusion? How many people see the world for what it is? How do you even see the world in an objective manner?

If I could give people something truly meaningful, I’d offer them the ability to pursuit their biggest dream with unflinching determination. I’d give them the heart to follow this dream to the end of the world. No matter what. Because, honestly, there’s no other battle quite like it.

26 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose?

  1. Cristian,
    I loved this story. I don’t believe it is ever delusional to dream. We are all here for a higher purpose. For those of us that are lucky enough to pursue it we eventually find out what it is. We writers put a lot of work and passion into what we do and I too find myself wondering if people are reading as they go about their busy lives. Then I get that one message that warms my heart and reminds me why I do what I do! Thanks for giving me that reminder today.

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  2. Amen!

    Hope and Determination seems quite germane in pursuit of a passion sparked by a wonderful dream in a life as art for any with will to use hand, mind and eye through feet stepping into our own future and the destiny awaiting us there.

    Great article, and thank you for all you do, Cristian! It’s great word. I love it!

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  3. “If I could give people something truly meaningful, I’d offer them the ability to pursuit their biggest dream with unflinching determination. “…………Bless you, I think you do this with your amazingly encouraging posts! I am rooting for you!

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  4. Beautifully written as usual and I can relate to every word. Purpose is something I have struggled to find but when you find it, it gives your life so much colour; everyday becomes vibrant and radiant. Love your post!

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  5. I agree with this 100%! For me it’s when my dream become the destination – and life becomes drudgery – that it’s a problem. I have found instead that the opposite approach is best: when I remember that life is what informs the dream and it’s made all the difference. (And by “life” I mean everything: the good, the bad, the unexpected diagnosis, ALL of it.)

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