Change your routine, change your life

It is so easy for life to become routine. We are a busy society and spend our days taking care of family, friends and responsibilities. Hopefully, somewhere in that day we have also squeezed in a few minutes to take care of ourselves. We often become so engrossed in the routine of the day that before we know it we are doing the same things over and over, day after day. Then we sit back and wonder why our life may be boring, when the reason is staring us right in the face.

For people like me who find it hard to move outside their comfort zone, it is very easy for life to become repetitional and mundane. We do the same things daily and then sit back and wonder why our life isn’t more interesting. In reality, all we have to do to change our lives is start making…

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5 thoughts on “Change your routine, change your life

  1. Life is never boring for me! In fact “boring” is like the “F” word in our house. It’s forbidden! “If you’re bored,” I used to tell my kids, “turn on your brain, look around, and go find someone who needs you!” Routine is like rules… meant to occasionally be broken. Have a great day, Cristian! <3

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  2. Articles like this one are good mirrors…”Staring us right in the face.” Yes, I believe I’ve been doing that lately. Sometimes we see messages all around us validating our own insights about ourselves. For me, this is one of them, Cristian.

    Hmmmm. Now, I guess, got to take care of what I see.

    Thanks Mi Amigo!

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  3. I absolutely love this! I find myself doing this a lot as well. When I leave work, I usually take the same road. So, I try to be more sporadic about the streets I take now, as you put it breaking the routine. But I also find that I do this with work since I’m really a workaholic, And so, knowing how important it is to wind down, I normally will just drop everything for a day or two to decompress. You just feel so much better at the end, and don’t feel like a slave to the life around you.

    But most importantly, thank you for reminding everyone that their life can be so much more! :)

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