Introducing Reviews/Interviews/Showcases

Are you an artist? A creative? A writer, poet, photographer?

Do you want to expand your reach?

It’s as simple as purchasing an advertising option from us.

You get a showcase with your best artworks, and an interview/artist statement.

Also, links to your blog and social media platforms will be included in the promotional post.

Have you written a book? A review would be the best option then.

The deal is simple.

A new type of advertising being offered.

If you want me to review your book, now it’s your chance.

The price is $49.99, discounted from $99.99 for this month only.


If you wish to be interviewed by me, about your blog, art, creative endeavors, now it’s your chance.

If you want to showcase visual art you have created, now it’s your chance.

Quite simple.


7 thoughts on “Introducing Reviews/Interviews/Showcases

  1. I am definitely interested in this offer to gain exposure. I’ve got two blogs, fairly new, but they’re gaining ground. As someone who has been a world traveler for almost 20 years, and an artist and writer, my perspective is unique from the norm. Just not sure if it’s a bit premature for me…

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