It doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes studying the Bible in-depth feels as though I am drowning in questions and information overload, and I need to temporarily stop, tread water awhile — and breathe.

And that’s all right. Sometimes I just need a moment to collect my thoughts – and sometimes, I need many. Admittedly, the balance between my faith and my understanding of God has ebbs and flows, like the tide outside my window.

Sometimes I need to stop reading what others have written about God so I can focus more on my own perceptions – and experience God and Jesus in my own way.


2 thoughts on “[Reblog] ANGELS IN OUR MIDST

  1. Having had a belief for 97% of my life (just a guesstimate), I now have none that includes a supreme being. I sometimes believe in mankind before I contemplate what it has done, what it is doing, and what crap it is capable of. Apart from that, I believe in the little things.

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