Free Read: Devoted to the Dark One: Chapter 1: A Summons


A robot monk translates the ancient journal of a princess’s handmaid. Leili was convinced her princess lost her mind when she lost her heart to the Dark One. This tale of forbidden romance reverberates throughout the ages into the Singularity.

Chapter 2>

Jubal sat in the chair awaiting the summons. He smoothed down the folds in his dove gray robes. Then took out a cloth to polish his face plates and hands, the only visible parts of his anatomy. He had to curtail the inclination to hum a tune as he waited his turn on the meeting’s agenda. It was a carryover from his days as a civilian and a nervous tick he had to fight.

He contented himself with playing hymns in a loop internally. Like all Spectrens he was a mechanoid and had perfect recall for any data he wished to keep. He only needed to hear a…

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