The Three Elements of Success


A word that often gets thrown around alongside others such as grind, hustle, perseverance, resilience.

There are but three elements to becoming successful in any given area.

Motivation: I also like to call it willpower. You simply want to get from point A to point B.

You want it. You are driven. You are willing to go the distance.

It’s that inner passion, impossible to describe. It’s the flame that burns you unless you use it.

Inspiration: Also known as the muse. The idea. The thing you know is going to work and makes you all giddy inside.

It’s like a sort of intellectual ecstasy.

In art or business or life, we sometimes get these Evrika! moments. We get and idea and our motivation increases.

Now, these two, we all have. Sadly, they come and go. They may be enough to get you to finish writing a novel that you think it’s brilliant, or start a business, or join a gym.

Will power alone will get you through some rough patches. Laziness, boredom, it can even handle a few setbacks…

But the come and go. They are feelings. They are temporary. It’s almost impossible to hold on to them.

Which is why the third one is by far the most important.

Aspiration : When you aspire towards something.

When you imagine into existence a new way of being, of doing, of achieving.

I also call it hope. Far stronger than will power, hope will keep you going even when everything seems lost.

When habits break, when rituals no longer motivate, when all is dark and gloom.

Lose hope and all is lost. You could have the world’s best motivational speakers whispering in your ears and you’d still feel hopeless. You’d still fail to see a future you’d actually like to inhabit.

Because to aspire doesn’t mean to push. To grind. Means you are being pulled.

It feels as if you have a higher purpose. Something much greater than yourself.

When can only aspire to do things for others.

I, for instance, aspire for greatness for the purpose of proving others that anything is possible. I aspire to motivate and inspire others, not just by explaining my philosophy, but also by embodying it.

To aspire means to have the hope that no matter what happens, nothing can destroy your dream.

It is your inexorable destiny to become all that you have dreamt of becoming.

Even if the skies are falling down, even if you feel so self conscious you can’t look people in the eye, even if you cry all alone because there’s no one else beside you. Even if you can’t even muster the energy to get out of bed.

You know that one day, somehow, you’ll get a chance to make your dream a reality.


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