When Okay Is Not Enough


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”David Levithan

Let me tell you something about myself: I’ve never really settled for okay. Yes, okay is good. For a while. But there’s always something to ruin it… there’s always something waiting to ruin our lives…

You grow complacent with the people in your lives, the dream you had ever since you were a boy becomes just a job… then something bad happens.

And it’s okay to wish for it to be okay again. Just okay. It would be enough to have just enough.

But it’s not. Because you feel like you’ve got nothing. And you just want something, something to hold on to.

I’ve always wanted to be the hero of my own story. My life’s story. And a good story has it all: heartbreaks, drama, tragedies, ups and downs, but most of all… it has a dream. Something to aspire towards.

Obviously, my dream is to become a professional writer. I’ve been losing my way for a long, long time. I’ve quit, I’ve unpublished novels, I discarded first drafts, gave up on projects, postponed them until I gave up on them, and so on. But when the chips are down, when it really pours on me, that’s when I really get motivated.

Yes, in a way it’s easy to get motivated when you’ve got nothing. You only have to reach rock bottom to realize how important this dream really is.

At any given moment we’d happily settle for okay. But it’s not enough. It really isn’t. We need to appreciate what we have, what can’t be taken from us. What we really live for.

In my case, I live to write. It’s been so for thirteen years now. And I’m not giving up on that, and I’m not even going to lie to myself and think that it’s no big deal. What else do I really need? I’ve got my dream, I’ve got my stories to write, and it feels great to be writing again, after a pretty long break.

Don’t settle for okay. Don’t grown complacent with people, places, or ideas. Don’t think that the rest of us have it all figured out, because we don’t. Don’t try to find a shortcut, a secret recipe, and never, ever try to pursue happiness, because it’s just a state of mind.

Aim higher, but don’t try too hard. Keep things in perspective. Live in the moment. Enjoy it. You never know when it could all end.


  1. Awesome..truly inspirational. Have lived for several years believing no news is good news and lived in contentment thinking atleast it’s not getting worse. But like u said,m trying to aim higher now

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  2. Wow waking up this morning your post is the first thing I read and it is truly inspiring! I settled for less, for the ok and realised that was not the life I wanted. I live to travel and inspire people and today do so, aiming at always discovering new places and connecting with people from other cultures and to share what I think needs to be shared. That what makes my heart beat faster. And I have so many people around me who don’t get it. Telling me that it is a restless life, if I don’t miss “home” (I don’t need to feel home), that time is ticking to get kids, complaints of family members that they never see me… All these people have settled for the OK and me refusing to do the same drives us apart. It is scary to see so many people living for the OK and I feel so much more alive aiming for the stars… Yes it comes with ups and downs but even now at 34 years old I can already said I have lived. And that creates a feeling of happiness inside that cannot be replaced by anything OK, save or standard that most people got caught up in. Thanks for sharing your most inspiring thoughts!

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  3. So true and so important! Settling for okay is settling for mediocrity and common, nothing special. My story is quite similar to yours: I have unpublished works that I decided recently to correct them and publish them. I didn’t dare doing it before because of fear of others judgements. But who cares? We have 1 life to live, let’s be legendary! Thank you for your honesty

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  4. Hi Cristian :)
    Yes I agree, when you are at rock bottom and have nothing to loose, the only thing left is the motivation to make something new
    I love your writing and posts, that you already know by now, Yesss?
    If not, NOW you know it ;)

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  5. Looking in a mirror while reading your inspiring message. I was told in high school by an English teacher that I’d never be a published author. Haunted me for years. My creative writing teacher in college opened up an opportunity in 2001 & I co-authored my first non-fiction book. Then I did a second one. For almost 20 years I have settled with that. Life is okay. I decided 2 months ago I wanted to start again. This blog has given me life, purpose & the willingness to pull those ideals & stories out of my brain. Meeting people like you have helped with that motivation. So…thank you!!!! I hope to repay you in the same manner.

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  6. Here’s my favorite part of your post: “I’ve always wanted to be the hero of my own story. My life’s story. And a good story has it all: heartbreaks, drama, tragedies, ups and downs, but most of all… it has a dream. Something to aspire towards.” That should inspire others and keep you moving towards your dream. Thanks for the encouragement.

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