Set in Darkness


“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” – Sarah Williams

Fear. It comes in all shapes and sizes. At times it paralyzes you, making it impossible to act or even utter a single word. Other times, it takes the shape of pragmatism. It takes the shape of suspicion and pessimism. It takes the shape of a certain complacent behavior. It takes the shape of routine; mind numbing routines meant to keep you busy enough so you don’t even think about what you’re really afraid of.

So… just stop for a second. What is it that you are scared of?

What is it that you really want and think that you don’t deserve? Or that you’re not good enough to have it? What is that impossible dream that you’ve locked away in the most hidden drawer of your soul? The secret ambition. The one that appears to be running away from you the more you chase it.

The one you’ve never really given up on…

Darkness is defined as merely the absence of light. But we never truly experience complete and utter darkness. We compare states. We compare moments. What was and what is and what can no longer be. We suffer because we think that we used to live a better life. Sometime. Somewhere.

And we grow scared and weary.

The world seems to be fighting against us. We fight back. For a while. Then we give up. We let others define who we are. We become who we pretend to be in order to fit in.

We act less and less like ourselves.

But I believe that in each and everyone of us there’s something that feels invincible. A spark. A light. A fire. Something that can be fed almost anything. Kindness, hope, fear, hatred, frustration, anger. And it grows and becomes stronger. It’s that part that is capable of fighting back no matter how hard things get.

The part that never gives up, the part that never surrenders.

Most people aren’t even aware of that part. They just want it silenced. While others are always trying to take the fire from someone else. They want to feed from their passion and use it for themselves.

It doesn’t work like that.

The fire is in you.

And it’s up to you what you do with it.

Or what you feed it.

Or whether or not you let it destroy you or those around you.

We are more powerful than we imagine. We are smarter and braver than we like to believe. We dare the impossible so easily that sometimes it scares us.

Because we know that we are the only creatures that can simply imagine the impossible into existence.

And this makes us powerful beyond measure.


  1. “We are the only creatures that can simply imagine the impossible into existence.” Yes! But it only comes true when we add, for lack of a more original phrase, the Nike formula, “Just do it!”

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