The Punch You Don’t See Coming…


In boxing, it’s always the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you down. The punch you weren’t expecting, the punch you never thought would hit you. Life is just like that.

It’s the bizarre coincidences we never even dared take into consideration, with an even stranger ramification of consequences. And in the ensuing chaos, we no longer understand what’s going on, and we feel like drowning. Time becomes inconsistent: a second, a minute, an hour, a day… we can no longer tell what is what.

You can’t really prepare for the unexpected.

And the only thing you can do when that punch knocks you down is to get up. It’s not about being undefeated, it’s about rising back up again when life does defeat you. It’s about getting hit, over and over again. And with the same determination that has build the world we live in from the ground up, we struggle to stay on two feet.

What I’m really trying to say is that shit happens. Just like that. Things break, people die or leave or just fly somewhere far away. Sometimes people break us. Hearts break, worlds collide. Shit happens.

What you do when it happens defines who you really are. In fact, our actions are the only ones that ever define us. What we leave behind when we leave this world, what people will remember us by. We build a legacy of actions, of reactions, of strange events, a web of consequences…

And the only sensible thing to do when life knocks you down is to get up. Don’t wait for someone to pick you up, because that person might never come. Pick yourself up. Find all the strength that you need inside your own soul. Don’t let others define you, or dictate your actions, or tell you what you’re allowed to do.

Don’t let boundaries tell you where you can or can’t go.

Because when that punch comes, it doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how cautiously you have lived your life. The punch will hurt just the same.

And no matter how many times you get hit, it still hurts. But you get used to it, you no longer panic, you no longer lose hope. Things turn out for the better, because you’re willing to make things change, you’re willing to fight what you despise and hate.

Living requires patience, heart, and ambition. Otherwise, life will break you. Sooner or later, something terrible is going to find you, and when it does, you won’t be able to rise back up again.

The thing is, it’s not about what you think you deserve, but about what you can take, what you can fight for, what you can conquer.


  1. Oh my Cristian. You have described my life. I was hit out of nowhere and the pain left in the fetal position on the floor. I did get back up and I am slowing beginning to stand straight again. I think often of the legacy we can leave behind by not giving up. Thank you for your post:-)

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  2. “The thing is, it’s not about what you think you deserve, but about what you can take, what you can fight for, what you can conquer.” This is absolutely true. You can be a victim or a survivor that thrives in the face of fear, anger, disappointment, and tragedy. Life is full of ups and downs and if we want a relatively happy life we have to expect the bad to come with the good. You would never enjoy the good in life if you have not experienced the bad. You would never appreciate the happiness if you haven ‘t survived the sadness. It’s a fact of life, one we can not get out of.

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  3. A character in Hemingway’s, “The Battler” is Ad Francis, a brain-injured ex-prize fighter. In lucid moments, he talks about all the opponents who “broke their hands on my head.” He survived, paying a terrible price, but made his way. I think you are talking about this same kind of unyielding attitude–the idea that it feels good to hit, but it is even better to be able to take a hit. “To last we must endure,” as EH also wrote.


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