Let Go of The Thorns

Bad habits. Toxic relationships. Jobs you hate. Addictions. Negative thinking. Procrastinating.

Letting go, holding on. When to do what. Quite the dilemma. The idea that you have to suffer before you get what you want, that good things come to those who endure.

At first, it seems rather difficult, no? Well, you only need a bit of self-awareness. You need to understand why you do what you do, and how it makes you feel, and what it is that you expect to happen.

Letting go of attachment, letting go of the absurd fear of losing something that wasn’t your to begin with. I mean, nothing really belongs to us expect our own lives. You are alive. That is enough. That is the source of energy, love, power, gratefulness.

Life is a complete process in and by itself. You are complete all by yourself.

Now, the things that you cannot let go, the bad habits, the bad people, all that derives from the idea that you are somehow incomplete. As romantic as finding a soulmate sounds, it is a destructive mental habit. You are your own person, and you must create your own happiness, your own joy, your own love.

Because if you spend your life wishing for someone else to save you, then the person who saves you is also the one who crucifies you.

It only requires enough self-awareness to understand the “why.”

Now, there’s also a different side to this:

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”

― Anne Brontë

Sometimes it will be easy to let go of things that hurt. Because you are afraid of failure, because it is not what you expected. Because you wished it was easier and it’s not. That’s when you have to hold on, be brave, and fight.

And life is the balancing act of these two. Deciding on what is worth holding on and what should be let go. To understand how you feel, to understand that horror and pain sometimes breed gods, not monsters.

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