Weird Jobs Writers Had Before Becoming Famous


Everybody has to start somewhere, and everybody has to pay the bills somehow.

Long before they became famous, here are the first jobs of some of literature’s most famous and distinguished figures.

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2 thoughts on “Weird Jobs Writers Had Before Becoming Famous

  1. We all start from somewhere. It’s vision & passion that keeps people striving to achieve. Not despising the humble beginnings therefore becoming a voice of change able to be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately the desire to achieve fast clogs the minds of many. This produces fame based on selfishness & such a people are hardly remembered.

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  2. Oyster pirate does sound cool but I’m assuming it just means he stoled pearls from the oysters but spy sounds awesome for Ronald Dahl. What we see is a list of people doing a bunch of really random things when all they really wanted to do was become a writer!

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