Hard Work Pays Off

I believe that most of us have a certain vision of ourselves that we hope will one day become reality. The big dream…

And even those who are uncertain still would like to be like someone else, or they have a certain passion they haven’t pursued.

The idea is that you must build upon that vision. The dream… make it big and bold. So much so, that you feel awkward telling people about it.

I wrote for eight years without anyone giving a damn about my writing because I had this vision of myself standing on a stage, receiving an award for my writing. Huge stage, lots of people…

And I’d say the following words: “to all the people who changed my life. For better or worse.”

And I kept playing this vision in my mind, over and over again, until I became obsessed with it.

Oftentimes people will tell you that obsession is a bad thing.

I’ll tell you what’s bad: wishing away your life only to die with too many regrets to count.

To realize, on your deathbed, that you could have been great, but we’re too afraid.

Crave this dream, crave the result, become obsessed, do the work.

Fight like hell!

You need to exert such an insane amount of effort that most people wouldn’t even think about it. A lot more than you get back. You need to sacrifice!

That’s the only way great dreams come true!


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