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Will they prefer ambrosia or blood? Eris wondered as she considered her offering for the Fates.

Bah, offer them the best you got. Any mortal can spell blood for the Three. Only an Olympian can give them ambrosia and nectar. So she saved her portions for three days. She thought it best to give each of them a serving when she came to visit them.

She wanted and boon and thought it best not to come to them empty-handed. The Three preferred to live in caves but didn’t wish to delve as deep as Hades did. Then again Hades wouldn’t live in the Underworld himself if he had the choice. It was hard to tell why such a life was imposed on him. Was it a decree of the Fates? Or a plot by his brothers to force an unwanted domain on him? They’d played dice over the spoils of…

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