Dare to Fail

They say luck is something that happens to other people.

They also say that you’re not a failure until you blame someone else. Or something else.

I have never considered myself to be particularly talented. I struggle a lot. I have a lot of trouble writing, and it’s one thing I have been doing for a long, long time. All else feels almost impossible. It makes me feel sad, it makes me feel angry.

It seems so unfair.

Why does it have to be this hard?

The truth is, I am not particularly lucky. I am not that smart. I am not good looking.

And neither are you.

Compare these factors alone, there will always be someone better.

Trust me, there’s someone out there who does exactly the thing you are best at in half the time and twice as best. Or is better paid for it. Or earns a lot more appreciation for it.

There’s someone out there who’s everything you wish to be but are not.

But none of those things really matter.

Because the only thing that matters is that you have this one talent: that you never quit.


Let this be your mantra. Write it on your wall. On all the walls. On everything. Recite it. Set it as your Wi-Fi password.

“My only talent is that I just don’t quit.”

And sooner or later, you’ll get everything you want in this world.

You cannot control the often bizarre factors that influence your life. You cannot change the genes that were passed down to you, or the education you received.

In fact, you’ll never be able to change what you did until this moment.

So why bother about it all?

Nothing can beat you unless you give up.

You only fail if you try to excuse yourself.

Bad luck is for those who didn’t work hard enough.

You know it’s true. I know it’s true.

It’s the most difficult thing in the world: to take responsibility for your life.

You are the captain of this ship.

“Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You’re the only one who can do it permanently.”Zig Ziglar

You are the only one who’s ever going to save you. Or give you what you want.

If you’re thinking “yes, but…” don’t. Just don’t. You know they are all excuses.

Because there is someone else in this world…

No matter the amount of bad luck, or the setbacks, or the tragedies that you have encountered in your life, there’s someone else who’s had it much, much worse and, in spite of it all, managed to achieve the thing you are afraid of fighting for.

8 thoughts on “Dare to Fail

  1. When something doesn’t come natural to me like painting, I’d chalk it up to me just not being artistic in that way. Lately though I’ve been telling myself, fuck that, you better keep trying. So I’m going to keep sucking at it because I want to be good at it. Great post by the way!

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