Whatever It Takes…

“The story is not in the words; it’s in the struggle.”
Paul Auster

You don’t get to know yourself without struggle. You don’t get to know your boundaries unless you push them, you don’t get to know who you really are unless you’re tested.

You don’t deserve what you haven’t worked hard for. You don’t deserve what you don’t respect. What hasn’t been earned through blood, through sweat, through tears never lasts.

It’s the struggle, not the victory, that most pleases us.

It’s the overwhelming odds and one lonely human who does his best to overcome them.

Never forget this.

“Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes.” – Grant Cardone

Suffer for as long as it takes to become who you want to be, to obtain what you want from life. Struggle, fight, beg, do whatever you can, whatever it takes, no doubt, no fear, no regrets.

We may not win all our battles, that is to be understood, but giving up without a fight is an unforgivable sin.

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. ”

William Arthur Ward

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