Declutter Your Mind

There seems to be so much stress and worries and errands and just so much noise that we must all endure and overcome these days. There’s so much information and entertainment and social media and news, and all that begs for a bit of space inside our minds.

And thus we sometimes cannot find the calm that we so desperately need…

So, how do you declutter your mind?

How do you get rid of excess information or take a moment to find peace and tranquility in this ocean of chaose we call day-to-day livin?

The mind is complex and confusing, the essence of who we are as humans. It is often covered in old hurts and traumas, and layered in so many levels of consciousness it feels impossible to sort through it all.

Most of the times, even to our own selves, we don’t make much sense.

So how do we begin decluttering? It’s actually not difficult, if you give it a little thought: simplifying is, by definition, easy.

You can declutter your mind with simple actions, little things that can make a big difference, especially when used in combination.

1. Breathe. So simple, and yet so effective. Take a few deep breaths, and then for a few minutes focus on your breathing. Concentrate on your breathing as it comes into your body, and then as it goes out. It has a calming effect, especially if you continue to return your focus to your breath when your mind strays.

2. Write down your feelings/thoughts. If you have a bunch of things on your mind, it helps to get them on paper and off your mind.

3. Identify the essential. What is important to you? What is going to matter a week from now? Or a month? Or a year? Or ten years? Do not waste precious mental energy on what won’t matter much later on.

4. Eliminate. Now that you’ve identified the essential, you can identify what’s not essential. What things in your life are not truly necessary or important to you? Eliminate them.

5. Rethink your sleep. Sometimes we aren’t getting enough sleep, or our sleeping patterns aren’t ideal. Sleep is essential to how productive and efficient your mind is. Do noy neglect it.
6. Go for a walk. Getting outside and doing some kind of physical activity is a great way to get stuff off your mind.

7. Turn the TV off. Television doesn’t relax you, even though it might seem so.

8. Do less. Take your to-do list and cross off half the things on it. Just pick a few things to get done today, and focus on those.

9. Let go of what is not in your control. Worrying about something? Angry about somebody? Frustrated? Harboring a grudge? While these are all natural emotions and thoughts, none of them are really in your control. See if you can let go of them.

10. Single-task. Multi-tasking, for the most part, is a good way to fill your mind with a lot of activity without a lot of productivity or happiness as a result. Instead, try to focus on one task at a time. Do your very best, then move on to the next item on your list.

11. Talk about it. Sometimes it can make a huge difference to unload our troubles on another human being. It also helps you put things into perspective, and see if they consider your issues important enough to elicit that kind of emotional reaction from you.

What are your methods of decluttering your mind? How do you cope with stress and all the other overwhelming factors of day to day life?


    1. I strive to do all these items as often as possible, many on a daily basis. But some are a constant struggle, like letting go if the frustration of a difficult situation you struggle with day by day, or old hurts. The key is to keep trying.
      I especially liked your description of the mind. It’s having layers of consciousness is a new concept to me. There are infinite possibilities here. Would you be willing to explore it in a future post?
      Again I thank you for the excellent reminders.


  1. I can use your blog with a weekly group I do at a senior living center. The topic for this week is relaxation and its importance. Your process of decluttering will be helpful in reducing stress with each individual and therefore within the community; and how perfect is that. Sometimes the older the mind the more cluttered it becomes. Thank you.

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  2. Writing everything I have in my mind (a mind dump, if I can call it that) is definitely my favorite decluttering tool. It helps me see what is my stress talking, what are things I really need to remember, and what can be pushed back until later. It actually helps with another item of your list if done right before bed! Great list!

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