How Many Hours Do You Have in Your Day?

How many hours do you have in your day?

Theoretically, there are 24. For me. For you. For each and every one of us.

But I sleep around 6-7 hours a day. Another 2 hours are spent eating. Another hour for grooming and getting dressed. Another 3 hours for going to the gym, cooking, cleaning, running errands.

Another 5 hours checking e-mails, writing blogs, replying to comments. Maybe another hour paying bills, going to the grocery store, or whatever else needs to be done. Another 2 hours are spent reading.

If we do the math, this leaves us with 4 hours.

Four hours left over for doing stuff I’m passionate about, for pursuing my dreams, for doing new projects that will change my life, for writing my next novel, for spending time friends, family, loved ones.

What do you do with your 24 hours?


  1. My 24 hrs. are spent in doing many of the things that are on your list. 10 hrs a day are spent in with schools related tasks, teaching, preparation, maintenance. Then there are a few hours given toward ministry endevours. The key that I have found is that I need to be flexable, sometimes things overlap, so it is important to find a balance, make a list and just get into it. Somewhere in there I find 5 to 6 hours for sleep. Most of all, enjoy life, we only get one.

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  2. Literally have no real time to myself.
    Wake up at 6
    Daughter School 7:15
    Niece school: 7:30
    Get dressed:12-12:30
    Run errands 1:30-2
    Pick up and drop off daughter/ sister/ niece 2-3:00
    Go to work (late) 3:30
    Get off /pick up daughter and niece 10:30
    get daughter ready for bed 11
    Pick up sister/ drop off 1230
    Get home go to bed 1am😒

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  3. Never realized how busy we all are. We have “24 hours”, but technically we never have free time. Always a responsibility every hour. Only time I have for myself is from 7pm-10/11pm then I go to sleep and do my routine all over again.

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  4. Your day sounds a lot like mine except I’m impressed you can find 4 hours! I seem to work better when I schedule my day. After I get the kids to school, I take the dog for a 15-20 min walk, then (ideally) do 30-60 min of yoga. Then one hour of household chores or bill paying. 10-Noon is supposed to be my writing time, but it can vary, especially if I have an appointment or some other intrusion. I have one day a week dedicated to shopping, errands, hopefully the same day as any appointments. Noon-2PM I’m working on my part-time business. After that it’s pick up the kids from school and I’m lucky if I can get some reading in during the evening. I pretty much let go of any expectations about being productive after 2PM.

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