What Does It Mean to Love Someone?

“I will not live without love.” – Vincent van Gogh

Falling in love is easy. Too easy sometimes. We fall in love with someone who’s a little bit different than all the others we have met before, we fall in love when someone tells us something new about ourselves, we fall in love with the way someone acts or talks, we fall in love with people who have traits that are similar or exactly the opposite of ours.

There are just about a million different reasons why we fall in love.

But to love… that’s different.

Because we love someone in spite of their flaws. We love someone because they treat us exactly how we’ve always wished to be treated. We love someone because they’re exactly what we need.

And, yes, you need to learn to love. You need to learn how to act just right, how to do what needs to be done. Actions, not words. Sacrifice, compromise. Good days and bad days. Arguments. The constant temptation of finding someone new.

How do you learn to genuinely love another?

Getting your heart broken is a good way to start. To love someone and to see it in their eyes that they love another… to fall in love with the wrong people at the wrong time, to give the best of you to those who never really appreciated it. Tears. Loneliness. Anger.

You learn to love. You learn to love someone just for loving you back. Just for treating you right.

Because… you need to meet a lot of wrong ones before you can truly appreciate when the right one comes into your life… and then hold tight to them like a motherfucker.

In the end, we’re all capable of loving another human being. What matters most is the way we show that love, the way it makes us feel. The things that we do for love.

I’ve fallen in and out of love for quite a few times by now. I’ve gotten my heart broken a few times. I’ve felt unrequited love, that bitter-sweet excitement that runs up and down your veins when you fall in love with the wrong person. But you just can’t help yourself. I’ve hurt people. I did wrong. I acted foolishly and recklessly. I made mistakes. Lots and lots of them.

We never stop learning how to love. As long as we’re willing to learn from our mistakes, as long as we try our very best to make that special someone in our lives feel truly special…


  1. Wow! This is officially the best post I’ve read in a very very long time!
    And not to be offended Cris, but it almost felt like it’s not you writing😀

    I love how immensely raw, sincere, and real it is.

    Good job👍


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