Show, Don’t Tell

“And imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” ― John Green

Truth be told, hope is a two edged sword. If is not accompanied by action, if it’s not the thing that keeps you moving forward, in spite of pain and fear, then it’s the most painful thing in the world.

To hope but not act on that hope…

The world doesn’t want you to be happy. The world doesn’t want you to fulfill your dreams. The world wants you to believe that the life you want is impossibly out of reach.


Because no one is going to take the time to tell you that it can be done. That you can get what you want. You tell people all about your dreams, but they won’t help you achieve them, because they’re not listening. They’re busy dreaming about how they wished their lives would look like.

But trust me, the life you want can be obtained.

Simple as that.

But you’ve got to stop dreaming. You have to act. Wishful thinking has never propelled anyone forward.

Life is all about action.

Life is all about planning.

About courage.

About taking risks.

About being strong enough to endure failure, humiliation, hunger, and solitude.

If you really want it, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll spend the rest of your life dreaming about it and blaming others because it didn’t happen.

It’s just that simple.

But it’s easy.

It’s hard, to get out of bed and work on something that seems to be impossible. When everyone is telling you to quit. When you want to quit. But that’s how you win. If you don’t fight the urge to give up, you’re just not good enough to get what you want.

Life’s not only about how much you want something, but also about how much you’re willing to sacrifice in order to have it.

Keep that in mind next time you want to give up because you tried writing something and you just didn’t feel like it and quit after staring at an empty screen for five minutes…

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