The Struggle? The Hustle? It Never Ends…


Are you waiting for that time when “everything will fall into place?” When the economy will be better, when your situation will be better, when you’ll have different people around you? Are you wishing for a different kind of relationship, for a different you, for a different body, for a different career?

Are you thinking that there will be some day when you can rest? When there’s going to be comfort, when you’ll feel safe? When you’ll feel nothing but pride?

When all this pain and the stress and this suffering you’re going through will end?

Sorry to break it to you, but such a day does not exist.

It never ends, my friend.

Life is pain.

Write it down. Memorize it. Understand it.

Life is always going to bring you discomfort.

You know how you develop anxieties?

You wish for comfort, so much so that you avoid facing your fears.

Avoiding life will only break your heart.

There’s no way around it.

Yes, of course, you can live an unfulfilled life, clinging to short moments of comfort for as long as possible. You can find a nice corner, pull a blanket over yourself, and cry yourself to sleep every night.

You can pray, you can wish, you can even play the lottery.

You can curse, you can blame others, you can blame events, you can even blame the damn weather.

The thing is, no one is going to save you.

Why would they?

Why would anything change for your benefit? What about the rest of us? What makes you so special?

And do you really think that any god would like to help a lazy good for nothing? What for? Why?

Your destiny is your own. And you create your destiny one day at a time, one choice at a time.

Every time you look in the mirror and hate what you see, that’s a day you’ve wasted. Congratulations. Every day you do something about it, well, that’s one day that makes you feel alive.

You cannot avoid failure. You cannot avoid setbacks. You cannot control the way events happen.

But you can control yourself.

You can control your mind, your body, your feelings.

If you believe my last statement is wrong, do yourself a favor and stop reading. This is not for you.

This is for people who actually want to improve. Who understand that change is not only possible, but necessary. That we can learn.

You can learn. Either by first hand experience, or by observing others. By reading book, by stepping outside your comfort zone.

Don’t waste your life wishing for better days. They may never come. And if they do, you’re probably going to waste them any way.

The only way you’re ever going to make it in this life is realizing that hard work is everything. The ability to press on, to persevere in spite of numerous disadvantages.

Don’t look for an easy way out, there isn’t one.

You are going to struggle. Day in and day out. For the rest of your life. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll be able to be free and take control of your life. The more things you’ll get done. The less you’ll be scared by what you don’t know.

It never ends, my friend.

You can throw in the towel, raise the white flag, life’s still going to kick you in the teeth. No one’s going to take you easy because you don’t feel strong enough.

You cannot stop the movement of the sun. You cannot find more time. You can only make more time.

What you do with what you have determines if you’ll have more or less in the future.

And remember this: great men don’t sit around, waiting for things to happen. They go out there and make things happen. They go after what they want with everything they got.


Because their lives depend on it.

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