The Fae of Flowers and the Prince

Rainbow Music of the Heart

Once upon a time, there was a prince who had luck in everything, except for love. Even though he was charming and intelligent and had journeyed all of the kingdoms of the world, he couldn’t find the lady of his heart. At long last, despondent and downcast he decided that such was his destiny, and he travelled back home again.

But one day, in a garden near his castle, he saw a strange woman.

When he came close, he could see that she was not really a woman but a faerie, dancing and singing, feet barely touching the dew-fresh grass beneath her. Her dress was light and glittering. Oh, she was so beautiful and mysterious!

Moving as one hypnotized, he reached out for her. But just before he touched her, she … disappeared.

He looked all through his kingdom and beyond, but nobody knew of her. Until one day he…

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