The Edge

Once or twice in your life you find yourself at the edge of everything you ever believed, felt, or trusted. It’s such a terrifying position to be in. Fear, guilt, and doubt cast a dark shadow on your freedom, and it does seem there’s nothing to do.

Of course, the irony is that you can’t spend too much time in this position without understanding some (or most) of the things that need to be understood.

What I’m trying to say is that life’s all about what we consider to be valuable to us. Where we put value, that’s what we’re afraid to lose. And if you put value in things you can’t lose or things you have absolute control of, that’s when you can escape the edge.

I believe that there are few innate qualities. Much of who we are is built, much of who we are can be lost and regained, and much of who we are can be fought for. Ambition, for instance. True ambition is the desire to escape a place so dark that you’d never want to see again. Self-trust means putting real value into ideals and dreams that no one can destroy.

And once or twice in our lives it happens that we lose it all. Trust, ambition, courage. But there’s still hope, which is innate and infinite.

We never lose hope entirely. Even when all hope seems lost, and after we have lost everything, in that darkness the first thing we find is hope.

And hope is everything.

I’ve hoped to become a writer for more than fourteen years now. Sometimes I’ve stopped writing because I feared that I might never get the chance to become a writer, sometimes I stopped writing because I couldn’t find enough pleasure or motivation. But I never stopped hoping.

Hope is our only tool to fight fear. As long as you hope for things to come your way, you won’t be afraid that they won’t.


  1. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith. Sink or swim mentality to overcome those fears and press forward to what you truly want to do in life. You only get one chance at life. Might as well make it the best version possible


  2. Another inspiring post, thank you! We can never escape the edge. There are many important things in life over which we have no control, eg health, cancer, accidents, war, what others try to do to us, even extreme weather but holding on to our self worth and values can help us survive even the darkest times.

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  3. Hope is like air. We can live for awhile without food and water but not without air. There are many virtues we can survive without (wisdom, courage, discipline). But without hope, we are doomed. Enjoyed your post.

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  4. This is powerful. Fear is an opportunity to trust. Our faith in what is possible may always be continually restored. We work through the tough spots to learn, grow, and transform.


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