15 Insanely Easy Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

It seems to me that the last couple of years have been all about the grind.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson famously works out twice before we even wake up. Elon Musk sleeps on a couch in his office. Everyone is either working hard or telling everyone else to work hard.

But what about working smart? What about becoming more efficient? Getting more done in less time. Isn’t that something worth looking into?

Well, lucky you, here are fifteen ideas to help you work smarter, not just harder.

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30 thoughts on “15 Insanely Easy Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

  1. I need to put copies of this on every mirror and bulletin board in my house. I SO need to need to follow these practices, starting with WAKING UP EARLY! I can’t believe how much time I waste every day and how guilty I feel about important things I don’t get done. Good inspiration, sir.

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  2. Great post! I consider myself a highly productive person. I identify with productivity. I find I have more drive than most and it largely come from not being satisfied if I’m not working towards something. I’m not sure exactly how I got this way, but I do many of the things you mentioned above. It becomes habit. Just like sitting on you tail will become habit if you let it. How did you become a driven person?


  3. Streamlining and prioritisation are good for increasing productivity. As is doing the same things at the same to get into a schedule. Using your own body rhythms and those of the culture your currently in are also useful. Delegation too if possible to those that are better suited to particular tasks. Works in families as well as business.

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  4. It’s 4:44 AM here and that “rise early” idea resonated with me. I have been up for about an hour. I got about 3 hours worth of work done because the time was 100% uninterrupted… no distractions at this hour! Now, I will go back to bed and sleep for a couple hours before starting my usual day. Learning to say no – and taking on one task at a time are good suggestions – ideas that I need to work on. Thank you for this helpful post, Cristian.

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