Becoming a Piece of Plastic


motto of American Express, familiar to millions, used to be Don’t leave home without it. Now it’s Don’t
live life without it
. While not
quite a bait-and-switch, the new motto does resemble a sleight of hand. At one time, home was the domain of family; there were boundaries between the
home and the marketplace. Now it’s all
one and the same ostensibly due to the internet, but advancements in technology
are not to blame for the erosion of the hearth.
Behold trickle-down theory in practice: hardly a distribution of money
but most certainly a dissemination of values.

Guy giving girl a piggyback becomes the face of an American Express card.

have an American Express card and at times find it useful. But life-defining? The presumption, indeed the audacity of this
idea makes me want to do away with my Visa and MasterCard as well. But is this course of action even possible?

today’s digital society cashless transactions have…

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