Hey, It’s My Birthday!


Yours truly is born on Christmas Day, so as of today, I’m 29 years old. Cool!

Also, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

137 thoughts on “Hey, It’s My Birthday!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Cristian. Thank you for being a light, blessing and inspiration to your world. I celebrate you today and always. I wish you the very best and pray the good desires of your heart come to pass. Stay happy, stay thriving, stay fulfilled. Much love🥰❤️


  2. Happy belated birthday. Mine was December 24th. People always say to me I must get ripped off with one gift. It though, never crossed my mind. I always felt special being born on Christmas eve. How do feel about your birthday?


    • Thank you, Kelly! And happy birthday for you too!

      Well, I was always told by a lot of folks how special me being born on Christmas Day was. I was told all sorts of stuff, from the fact that I was destined for great things to the fact that I had to know everything, because it seems that this is the thing that’s supposed to be true about those born on this day. It also made me think about destiny more than others, I think. That maybe it all happens for a reason, even though we are often unable to figure out said reason.


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