Empty-handed Ownership


A handsome man in a suit crosses the street at night, caught by the flash of a camera as he looks away. City lights glow in the background, transformed by the lens into nocturnal candies. A striking portrait of youth and sophistication blends fashion photography with a journalistic look and suggests that the man is a person of importance perhaps intercepted by paparazzi on his way to an evening gala. The night is young.

Express Ad: Handsome man in a suit crosses a city street at night.

Matching the crispness of his white shirt, the word Express appears in bold like a title for the image itself. Express—as in the brand name of a trendy clothier, as in the act of expressing oneself, as in quickly (buy now). Thus the company slogan Own the Moment. Note that in the instant of holding down his suit lapel, the man reveals a fine wristwatch that symbolically reinforces the slogan.

So again, Own the Moment

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