Your Mission Is Possible!

Victory Walk

As unbelievable as it seems, seems 2019 is a memory. The year has come and gone and we are in a new year. People make resolutions and lots of plans to see positive results in their lives. Some plans go under the heading, “Mission: Impossible!” Others could be attainable with discipline and hard work.

When you start a new task, your efforts will disturb some. They have no plans and are wondering aimlessly. But as soon as they see you at work, they have a problem. Why do they have a problem? It’s your life and your project but they want to influence what you do.

This is the same problem we find in Ezra chapter 4. The people were exiles yet they decided to build a temple for the Lord. When the other groups saw them at work, they wanted to participate. So they approached this group of exiles…

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