Why You Should Wake Up in The Morning

Because who wakes up in the morning, gets a lot more done before everyone else wakes up.

Because the quality of your morning determines how the rest of your day unfolds.

Because early in the morning (even before the sun rises) it’s a lot more quiet and it’s a lot easier to get stuff done.

Those are just a few of the reasons that should make you want to wake up as early as possible, to get stuff done, to do a bit of grinding.

But it’s not enough to wake up early, and then check social media, and aimlessly wander through life.  You need to develop certain habits, to get you to be a lot more productive.

What my mornings look like?

First thing I do, I walk over to my mirror and say this, “Cristian, I love you.” That’s the very first thing I do. Why? Because it’s important to start the day with a bit of gratitude. To appreciate what you already have, and your biggest possession is yourself.

Next thing, I listen to motivational speeches. Listening to what other high achievers have to say is a great way to feel better about waking up so early. It’s like a shot of caffeine straight to the nervous system.

Then I plan out my day. What posts to write, what to do, what to create. This gives me a sense of purpose, it gives me direction. I know what I want, what I have to do.

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

Work out. If I start off my day by doing something incredibly difficult ( working out, especially if you truly push yourself and don’t just go through the motions) makes it so that everything that happens afterwards feels like a breeze. Physical exercise helps with stress, puts me in a better mood. I feel a lot more calm, more confident, and a lot more energetic.

All of this shouldn’t take more than two hours. Then I am ready to take the day on and do my thing. Grind, grind, grind…


  1. I wish I could wake up in the early morning but I suffer from horrible insomnia. Have for years. Though getting stuff done and doing a bit of grinding sound well worth the effort! :-)

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