Paradise’s Just Around The Corner

”Maybe it’s the choices we make? We all start from the same grain but choose different paths? I’ve always thought most of us are only a handful of key decisions from a much different life.”Ashley Williams

It does seem that most of the time paradise is just around the corner, doesn’t it? That the life we want, the life we dream about on our most lonely of nights, is just out of our reach. Almost attainable.

Life, as we want it, has to be conquered. It’s not a place to be reached, or something that can be granted. Our decisions shape our destinies. Life is what we make it.

But it’s easier that way, isn’t it? To think of the promise of a better life as something that will come to you eventually. To imagine a future that you never have to struggle to reach. It’s just there, inside your head, like a reminder of all that you could be… if only…

If only… the saddest words ever invented.

And yet… we live in the present, not in the future. We are not our past, we are not defined by what we did one year ago or ten years ago… the past has no power over us unless we chose to live there.

That is the thing… the life you want is not out of your reach. It’s right there… around the corner, but you have to put in the effort to get there. Or crawl your way there. It doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t stop.

Things don’t just fall into our laps, because we wouldn’t appreciate them.

It’s the struggle that pleases us, a lot more than the victory.


  1. Hi champ! I echo your post. Life is your own creation through your thoughts which are powered by your emotions (energy in motion) and your action. It’s us to decide whether it will just be a thought, a wish in our heads or we’ll give life to that thought and create it in the physical realm which is just a big plane of mirrors that reflect our thoughts. A lot of things, great things happen when you take charge of your life and stop flowing or drifting with the masses. Know thyself! Have a lovely day. Cheers!

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  2. Cool post! Interesting thing to me was the little idea that life is to be conquered. There’s a lot going on here but I’m happy you introduced an interesting conversation!


  3. I had been in this exact place for a lot of my life. Always feeling like if I could just do this or that I would finally make it to where I needed to be, but the funny thing is…any time I would get to where I thought I needed to be…it was never enough. I just started wishing I was in a different place. There’s so much value in learning to be thankful for the present moment; for really understanding that even the mundane moments are pure magic because this life is always on a tight schedule. It’s now or never because there’s no promise that tomorrow will show up. I am so thankful to have FINALLY become someone who can function in the present with joy and contentment…at last understanding how to achieve my goals and push forward, through the struggle. Because, you’re right. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Thanks for your thoughtful post. It’s an important message.


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