No Guts, No Glory

“When people say they’re skeptical, or pessimistic, I get it. But let’s face it, you’re gutless. It takes no guts to be a skeptic. It takes no guts to try nothing and say it’s not gonna work. It takes guts to put your ass on the line and believe something’s possible. It takes guts to pursue an answer. It takes guts to fail and step back up and keep pushing”

Tony Robbins

Your mind is designed in such a way to prevent you from getting hurt. In nature, this is a genius mechanism that ensures your survival. But in the our society, we have developed the “someday” mechanism.

Someday we’ll be good enough or brave enough or smart enough or have the time to do this or that.

Someday we’ll become what we’ve always wanted to be.

Someday we’ll write our book or start our business.

And most people wait their entire lives for this someday, which never comes.


Because “someday” doesn’t exist. Like unicorns. Or Santa Claus.

All you have is today.

All you have is the ability to ignore the feeling that assuming certain changes is going to ruin your life.

Realize this deeply and you’ll be free to do anything you want. Don’t, and you’ll spend your whole life making excuses for why you have to settle for less than what you really want.

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  1. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried. As soon as you persuade yourself you’ll fail, so don’t bother trying, it’s a self fulfilling prophesy. Keep on keeping us motivated, Cristian!

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  2. I absolutely love this part because I can identify with this… “courage is like a muscle”. I grew up always being afraid of my own shadow, my own voice. For a long time, I would hold myself back from doing what I always dreamed because of fear and that “someday” mentality. But I realized that the only way to get to my destination was to actively make it a habit of facing what scares me to death. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m further from the starting line than I had thought.
    Thank you for this uplifting post, Christian!

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    1. Thank you, Manessah!

      And we’re all works in progress. As they say, the road to success is always under construction.

      But what few of us are aware of us is the fact that you can be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

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      1. Your words are so, so true and encouraging. Definitely great wisdom to live by!

        You are very welcome, Christian! You have an amazing day, my friend!

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    1. Yes. Skepticism. But it has to be well-placed. You need to put things to the test and always ask yourself if you’re making the right decision.

      The truth is that we all instinctively know what the right decision is. Everyone, sooner or later, regrets doing drugs, smoking, drinking, or worse. No one ever regrets working out, doing a good deed, working towards the greater good, or better themselves.

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      1. We are all human. Some people are driven by inner turmoil. I’m certainly not going to put everything to the test. I’ve travelled more than most people, taken risks to do the right thing for others, I’ve seen so much needless suffering inflicted by the west. Some people in this world are happy to have some food. Success means nothing to me. Who I am inside matters to me.


  3. I’m still working on my courage right now.. it’s always hard to take the first step but i’ll do my best to keep at it! I work out as well to remind myself about how things can get easier as long as there’s consistency!

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