You Should Know Defeat But Never Be Defeated

“People should know when they are conquered.

Would you, Quintus? Would I?”


There are many things you can do to another person. You can defeat them, time and time again, you can conquer them, control them, inflict pain upon them. But you can never destroy them. Not entirely. They tend to hold on to that last remaining piece of their humanity, not matter how broken their hearts are, and they don’t want to let go.

People don’t know when they’re being conquered. They just can’t accept a definitive defeat.

And, yet, in a world where so few have what it takes to be brave, in a world where few are capable of recognizing courage, there are a lot of people who’d like to avoid fighting any battles at all. They stare at the mountain and they say to themselves that there’s no point in trying to climb to the top. They avoid conflict at any cost.

We like to believe that we are born into this world to be judged by others. Our freedom is limited by what we believe to be the perception others have about us. It seems, at times, that the world is trying its best to conquer our feelings and emotions, to turn us into what it wants us to be. And we give up on so many dreams, aspirations, and ideals because of that. It’s the easiest thing to do; we call them compromises.

Of course, there are always consequences to our actions. And we do need to think about those. We’re also social creatures, so we need to try to fit in.

But, ultimately, you should at least be aware that the choice is yours.

I’ve always believed that people should fight for their right to at least try to create the life they think they deserve. They should at least pursue their dreams. Don’t give up without a fight. Don’t live a life filled with regrets over the things you didn’t do.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

This is what courage is all about: the ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even when you’ve lost all hope, even when you’re sure of your impending defeat, you still keep going. Why? Because you can’t accept it, because you know, deep down, that a man can never be destroyed. He can only destroy himself, once he’s given up the fight.


  1. Usually, and unfortunately, is just when you have been beaten up and you have lost all hope that you will find the courage…
    We should realise before that we are capabel of doing great things and we are stronger than what we think!

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  2. I admire defeat.

    It is proof that every human is as vulnerable as everything else deemed precious.

    In truth, we are meant to cling onto them, because we only lose what we find to be precious. That which we love, or those we love, are lost to us, because they mattered.

    If we did not care about these precious things, or dreams or our loved ones, or whatever else, they’d vanish and we’d never take notice.

    Protection is the only thing that relates the truest to love, and in what or who we protect, we attempt to make an eternity with the precious.

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  3. I like you quoting Martin Luther King at the end of this writing.
    He also saw, “A Nation that continues year after year to spends more money of War than on programs of Social uplift is approaching Spiritual Death!”

    There is the story of Origin, one of the early Christian Martyrs who was so well liked, people around him urged him to deny Christ and accept Caesar as God to save his life. He was told the Whole World was against him in his belief. He replied ‘I am against the Whole World.”

    Taat’s not giving up in the face of Defeat!

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  4. The common thing I hear from everyone that realized their dreams was that they never gave up. Even when the odds seemed stack against them. They pushed through. It’s the secret sauce.

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  5. Regardless of what the fight is or the dream, one is after, the battle is never lost. When we keep finding a way, taking that “one more proverbial” step – then we’ve won! We will always have won, when we keep fighting for dreams regardless of how insurmountable they may seem.

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  6. It can be difficult – surviving defeat. Yet, the fact that you survived is proof that there is still hope.

    It may be hard to see, it may be difficult to feel that hope… but we must keep convincing ourselves that there is still this small glimmer of hope.

    Keep moving forward, indeed.

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      1. And also to move from the cliche, what does not kill us just might not have killed us because it likes us very much. Nature’ll kill ya on the mountain above tree line with ease, or can be you natural Nature and have intense experiences you can take with you.

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  7. “People should know when they are conquered.
    Would you, Quintus? Would I?”

    Great lead in. The person who goes in to win has already lost, the value of experience. Inspect what you expect, and go in.

    I’ll add another fave from Gladiator. “I’ll see you soon. But, not yet. Not yet.” To which I’ll add, “that which angers us, controls us,” which one of the reasons that grace under fire is so functionally vibrant and verdant. Standing still and SIlent with a healthy boundary when another spews pouring their judgment on us, and we stand as a mirror of their truth reflected back on them. When we don’t absorb, they explode. And then, we can take the keep-ourself(selves)-safe-steps towards rising above and moving out of the situation, even by simply standing peacefully strong in our powerful Silence.

    Wonderful post, Cristian. Wonderful post.

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  8. Very true words. Reminds me of this quote(I am sure you can guess by who):

    “Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality. To me, defeat in anything is merely temporary, and its punishment is but an urge for me to exert greater effort to achieve my goal.”

    Dzięki for the read!

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  9. I resonate with quote-unquote defeat as OFLs. Opportunities for learning.

    From a more directly pugilistic and martial perspective, before a bout I used to say, “I suggest to knock me all the way out. If you don’t, I’ll certainly get up. And then, I’ll certainly be a problem.” Hey, if I’m still alive, cool! If I’m not? Well, then I won’t need to care too much (from here at least).


  10. I kinda lean into hope, though more so faith in my process. As I am apt to say, “Don’t smoke hope. It tends to be a narcotic going against my BITCh Method — Butt In The Chair. Hope can often slither and disappear into something like trying to kiss a promise. I have faith in my actionable discipline of the ritual. Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. Don’t be deflated by false summits. Continually inspect your expectations as you move along to keep yourself present and sidestep or evaporate mirages. And, then towards the end of each process, where you’ve worked methodically all the way through, EDIT. RIP. MARK UP. Process it all together, and then HOPE and work like Hell ‘I’Fe got this!’ … as, the last 5%. Well, it takes the OTHER 95% of the time. Made it, again. Phew! Big breath and golden exhale. Big inhale, and another one of the other. Excellent. Step off. Hydrate. Wits back? check. Did they ever leave? Nope. Check. Rest Nourish. Big breath to integrate what was just accomplished, and honor it. Steep for several moments to re-immerse in what is present, what it became.

    And then, NEXT!!” Repeat as required. I feel my process is fluid rather than going with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow.


  11. In my experience there’s crucially important difference between fear and being afraid.

    Fear is simply a tool of one’s awareness, to notify of upcoming gigs, and/or things that warrant attention, be it by Silence or action, both of which are actions. Like roadway signs. Go ahead and plow though them past the part of the bridge that’s out, and that’s on you for not listening. Or mind them, and adjust course accordingly. It’s your choice, and your responsibility to own the consequences.

    Being afraid? Well, that’s most often simply anxiety hijacking and kidnapping one’s fear navigation tool and torturing it into being afraid.

    I feel fear is a wonderful tool, and ‘afraid’ most likely and most often leads to the misspent efforts congruent with desperation. And, desperate act have shallow roots so to speak.

    Have fear, but don’t be afraid. Be fluid, though don’t go with the flow. In my experience only dead fish go with the flow.

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