It is said we spend about 30% of the time daydreaming. It is said we fall asleep imagining perfect scenarios…some times we sleep with them inside our heads too.

Tonight I’m going to tell you how imagination can help you get everything you ever wanted.

Imagine your dream. Your big desire. That impossible thing that you ask of the Universe. What you want most.

Let’s say you want a million dollars. Let’s imagine the money. Really think about it. Visualize it. A small briefcase filled with banknotes of all denominations. Imagine the way you’d feel as you empty the briefcase onto a table. Imagine the piles of cash. The smell of all that green paper. Sounds coming from across the room, empty noise, as if coming from far, far away. Imagine all the things you’d be able to do, all the places you’d see. The experiences. The good you could do. The people you could save. The feeling of comfort, of safety, the inner satisfaction of having achieved such a great feat.

Now, once you have a vision, a powerful vision, the next step is to get obsessed.

Yes, I know, social conditioning has taught you that obsession is a bad thing. Normal folks don’t develop obsessions. It’s the thing lunatics do. It’s not rational. It’s synonymous with pain, suffering, addiction.

No, get obsessed. Think about it day in and day out. You can almost touch the million dollars. You know how the leather on the briefcase feels like. You keep thinking about it.

You let all those good feeling flow freely through your body. Really get excited. Really feel it. Don’t hold back. Don’t try to rationalize it, don’t tell yourself stories why this is never going to happen.

At a certain point you’ll want it bad enough. You’ll just won’t be able to help yourself. Just like a drug. You’d want to make this vision come true, at all costs. You’ll have trouble falling asleep at nights.

And you’ll dare ask the Universe for it.

And the Universe will say, “Here’s a buck, now get outta here!”

Of course, you’ll feel angry and sad and bitter and a couple more things all at once. You asked for a million, not just one lousy dollar. You’ll ask again, with more conviction now. And the Universe will raise you another ten bucks, if you’re lucky.

Now it’s the part where most people give up. They never fully let go of their dream, but they quit on working on it. They label it fantasy, scorn themselves for being unrealistic and spend the rest of their lives with the gnawing sense that there’s something missing.

Others hold on to their dreams, but they’re too afraid to do anything about it. That’s how your soul dies one day at a time. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts in the morning, inconsolable loneliness at nights. Always feeling tired, always feeling like you are not what you should be.

The problem is you’re not good enough. Can you admit it to yourself and not want to shoot yourself in the head? More so, can you admit this and still hold your head high and look people in the eye?

You are not good enough…


And you slowly start to develop the skills that you need. You train your brain to look for everything that will help you make your dream come true. You get closer and closer. And the Universe becomes a bit more generous.

You are so obsessed that you persevere in spite every resistance. Any rational person would have given up and fallen back on their back up plan. But you don’t have another plan. You’ve burned the boats. That’s how much you want it.

Obsession keeps you going when all else fails.

Obsession keeps the dream alive.

Obsession keeps you fighting.

You give it your all. The Universe still keeps testing your persistence, wanting to know if you really want it or just kind of want it.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in. Whether it’s a god or evolution. This, right there, is either the pinnacle of evolution or the only glimpse of heaven we have here on earth. The irrefutable proof that we are, indeed, created in the likeness of an all-powerful, all knowing being.

The capacity to turn a figment of your imagination into reality. Any dream at all. Anything you can imagine can become real if you try hard enough and always look for ways to improve, for opportunities to grow and expand.

Now, what few ever tell you, and you didn’t anticipate, is that it won’t be as good as you thought it would. Nothing is as beautiful as you can imagine it. The feelings fade pretty quickly. It gets boring sooner that you thought. Also, you are afraid you’ll lose it all. Someone’ll come and take it all away from you. You’ll wake up and realize it was just a dream, like they still do in bad movies.

Because you see, your reference point is the one when you didn’t have a single dime.

You’ve been running all this time. Deciding that to have a million dollars is better than to be broke. Or that being confident is better than being shy. Or becoming fit is better than being fat. But the reference point is still there. The only way you can assess your progress.a

Like a sick joke, deep inside, you’re still poor, shy, or fat.

You an artist who as some point thought you’re shit? Well, congrats on winning all those awards, but deep inside you’ll still feel like a shitty artist. Don’t believe me? Just read Michelangelo writing that his painting is dead here.

Neither obsession nor imagination can help you realize that it’s all about enjoying the journey. About being process oriented, rather than goal oriented. About discarding the scarcity mentality.

If you’re lucky, you’ll realize this on your way to achieving your goal. Your perception and mentality will both change. You’ll see the abundance that is present in the Universe, that life is about doing more, becoming more, offering more… and when you’ll finally get that damn briefcase, you won’t be afraid to lose it.


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