How Earl Nightingale’s 12 Rules Can Help You Succeed In Life

It’s probably no big secret that I am a firm believer in personal development. That’s one way to explain it, I guess. It means that I listen to motivational speeches while I work, read everything from popular self-help books to psychology and NLP, and tried all sorts of stuff to get to be more focused, more energetic, and motivated to achieve my goals.

That being said, this list of twelve rules is something that I just have to share with you. 

1. It is our attitude in the beginning of a task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

Attitude is everything. A bit of self-awareness helps one to recognize the moments in which their attitude did not match the desired outcome.

Way I see it, you can either adopt a positive attitude (you will get what you want, you will accomplish a certain task, you will reach your goal) or a negative one (you will fail, all you think about is your fear of failing and the negative consequences of that).

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  1. Wow, as a self-help enthusiast I must say that this list basically covers all of the important solutions to our everyday struggles in life. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    I’m not sure if you published a self-help book yet, but if you have or will in the future, please let me know, I will definitely check it out!


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    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for your comment.

      No, I have yet to read a self-help book. I thought about it, but… well… let me be honest with you. The self-help community, at least in part, can be a very dangerous one. Sometimes it feels as if they form a cult or something. This makes me weary when it comes to writing. Somehow people expect magic, and there’s no magic unless the one we choose to make for ourselves.

      Also, there are some self-help books out there that are anything but helpful, and so far I have decided not to associate myself with this.

      Genuine self-help books, like different therapies (Gestalt, ACT, CBT) or NLP, self-hynosis, they work pretty well in terms of changing your beliefs patterns and the way you think, but you still have to act on those beliefs, instead of sitting on your couch, watching TV, and trying to attract a million dollars.

      My point is that I could write something that most people would believe it’s self-help, but it’s not. If I were to write a book, I’d want to make damn sure it actually helps people. Or it provides them with the proper tools for them to help themselves.

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      1. That´s true, people nowadays expect to press a button or swallow a pill and get rid of their problems instantly, they usually forget that the most relevant part of the process is taking action.

        I totally respect that and admire your sincere desire to help other people, I will be checking out some of your books and let you know as soon as I read them!

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        1. I’m not sure if that’s what people want: a fix to their problems. Maybe they just want an escape.

          And a lot of our problems are not as big as our minds make them to be. Take for instance happiness, which can even be defined as an escape from suffering. You have these big goals and ambitions and consumer culture keeps telling you that you need this or that in order to be happy and fulfilled, and yet here’s a 30 second thing that makes you happy – I suppose you own a cell phone. Throw it around a bit. Up in the air, catch it. It’s going to make you laugh. Go to a mirror and make silly faces. That’s how unimportant happiness truly is.

          And there are a lot of things just like that. Social conditioning makes us believe things are more important than they are.

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  2. Nightingale’s ideas were later incorporated into “The Secret.” True fact. He was also the voice of Sky King, the flying cowboy radio show on the 1950s. It became a TV show later. Another true fact. I had looked into his work for my novel “USA, Inc.” in which is ideas played a role. Still another true fact.

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  3. Great advice! However, I am taking number 12 with a grain of salt. I have over 20 years experience in customer service and there’s a certain percentage of people who will abuse the concept. Absolutely start with the attitude but watch out for the abusers.

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    1. I don’t know who was it that said – some actor I’m sure – that every time he meets someone he says to them, in his mind, “I wish you happiness.” Something like that. It seemed so fantastic.

      I believe Nightingale meant something like that. To treat people with decency, to show them that we do care about them, but also enforce our own limits and principles.

      I do believe that one must be kind, but also strong. And never, ever take any bullshit from anyone, no matter who they are.

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  4. Number 7 is so true. If that person is wearing a name tag, I call them by their name. I feel you’re simply acknowledging them as something more than just a drone. Their name is part of who they are, and using it simply acknowledges that you think they’re important enough to at least acknowledge their existence..

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  5. I am 68 and I absolutely agree with what you write. Much of it has been written by many people before you in various ways. I ran across this way of thinking and being in my 30’s. I started practicing it and found it to be true. But what I unexpectedly ran across were the negative people who are jealous of you for your success and happiness. You can just avoid them except at work. I had a couple of very nasty experiences. I learned that these people will go to any length to bring you down. Lie, cheat, stab you in the back. So one has to learn at work to beware and protect yourself. In other circumstances you can walk away and not become involved and get their toxic in your life. All these 12 are true. I live them all the time. They are 100% correct.

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