Third Time’s a Charm? Back on YouTube

Yeah, I am back on YouTube.

Do watch this video, subscribe, and let me know what you think.

Today’s topic?

The steep learning curve a beginner must face, the gap between the quality of the content you create versus the type of content you consume, and why it’s so easy to give up.

19 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm? Back on YouTube

  1. I love your accent. I think this is a good move. There’s something impersonal about just blogging that so rarely captures a person’s humanity and, I think people are craving that right now. I know I am. Doesn’t hurt that you are relatively young, good looking, and soft-spoken.

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  2. I am encouraged by this post and by the video. I have started and ended my own YouTube channel – twice, and regretted it both times. I regretted starting it and I regretting ending it. The learning curb is… My videos felt so cheap, so amateurish, so uninteresting, and irrelevant, I couldn’t watch them. So, I am happy to see this video, just to see someone giving it another go. It is somethign I want to do, too, something I think I should be doing, and it hasn’t let go.

    Get back on the horse. That’s the mantra. Keep punching those keys. Keep making that content.

    I will be watching your videos and I wish you the best. Good luck.

    By the way, your accent is fine. Different is fine. Your audience will get used to it. My ear adjusted to it before the end of the video.

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    • Hi Mark,

      I think that wishing we hadn’t given up slowly kills us inside.

      But here’s an advice that might help you: the gap is actually a good thing. You actually have taste. Imagine that the worst would be to think of yourself as the best, to never realize there’s room for improvement. Those who realize the difference in quality between the stuff they consume and the stuff they produce usually get around to trying to bridge this gap, while those who think they are the best, they never progress.

      I quit everything at least once or twice. I quit writing, quit blogging, going to the gym… Everything I did was quit and start over again… and again… and again.

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  3. Yup, of COURSE I subscribed from my Jordan Hoggard “Mystereum” YouTube Channel. Happy to, and looking forward to exploring your videos, Cristian. 3rd time a charm? Glad you’ve kept at it. Now, if only I’d give Facebook a 2nd chance. Nah. Never mind on that.

    Happy to subscribe to your channel. I know you keep up the great work, conscientiously, so looking forward to further, Man!

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  4. I agree, we need to challenge ourselves to do new things. I am 65 and only been blogging for a few years. I am also trying to learn more Spanish and Haitian Creole. By the way, I like your accent. I am from the South (southeastern region of the United States) and our accent is quite different than those in other areas of our country. We must be who we are. I have read much of your written word and it was great to see and hear you. Blessings to you.

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