Welcome to 2020: Beautiful and Terrible Things Are Going to Happen

You know those “terms and conditions” you have to read over and accept? Well, we should have been told that 2020 is going to be quite an interesting year… interesting in the sense that the stuff they write about in history books is going to happen almost every single month.

But this is not why I am writing these words.

An article by yours truly about 2020, and what’s going on, and how to best cope with the things that are going on.



  1. I would like to ask your permission for me to read your post in the podcast. It’s just that we are similar in views about not posting with regards to recent events and the thing about “change”… well, if it’s okay with you, you know… :)

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  2. I’ve written posts similar to this emphasizing change begins with each of us looking introspectively. It’s too easy to point to the other guy and say she/he’s wrong. If we make the change in ourselves and encouraging others to do the same, change will come organically even if not as fast as we think it should. Love your post.

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