The Oxymoronic Nature of Racial Tolerance

I wrote a short post about the way Romanian people view and treat others who are of a different race, ethnicity, or religion.

If you’d like to read it, you can click this link here.


  1. I love it! You are spot on! Lack of open self expression is what’s killing us! It’s not racial intolerance, but our inability to vent without ramifications. I am reposting this and hope others will understand your point.

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      1. I agree. Americans are being help hostage by their so called “political correctness” The “freedom of speech’ we tout and hold dear is not truly free unless it falls within the parameters of the so called “moral gestapo”.

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  2. Your stance reminds me a bit of Bill Maher. I live as an immigrant. My view is, yes we are all different. I have learned to laugh at some of my British ways. I have to – my children laugh at them too. You do need a sense of humour. I have been watching Dave Chappelle lately. I think comedians are often the ones most prepared to speak the truth. For me, it is about learning to accept each other, even if we do not always agree. Alternatively there is the approach adopted by some Russians on The Trans-Siberian. My ex did not speak a word of Russian but they dragged him off for a vodka.

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  3. As odd as it sounds, what you’re saying makes perfect sense! Think about it – getting told “no, you can’t do this” only increases our subconscious desire to rebel, I feel because we don’t like being confined; We have rules to keep everyone safe, like don’t steal, don’t kill, and we’re like “okay that makes sense, don’t go out and do something to deliberately hurt others”

    But then you start censoring someone’s voice as well, someone’s inner thoughts because they COULD hurt someone rather than a given “will”, and now you’re censoring something inherent, making them not only feel trapped in their own bodies, but shaming them for feeling trapped, which will only make them lash out even more than usual, right?

    Over here in the West, you don’t know who you can trust, because everyone has a dark side we don’t see, but over there in Romania, the darkness is laid bare, you live with it, and thus you know very well who wants you around and who doesn’t.. and also the darkness is much more-diffused~ Spread thinly like a blanket instead of bursting out like a cannonball

    Thank you for writing this, Mr Mihai~

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  4. Well spoken. I’ve always been against “Political Correctness” but couldn’t explain why to people, because I hadn’t the words. Now I can point to this article and say “read this”.

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