These Are The 7 Most Difficult Habits to Master If You Want to Be Successful

People define success in a lot of different ways. To some, success is all about money. Others define success as “the freedom to do and say what you want.”

To me, success means doing my best on a daily basis. It also means feeling that I have an positive impact on the world around me.

To you, maybe success means changing the world around you, or changing just one person.

Success can easily be about conquering the world, or simply conquering your desire to conquer the world.

The truth is, regardless of how you define success, there are certain habits that are essential to you becoming successful.

Success doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. And you need to take action on a daily basis to make it happen, even though sometimes you don’t want to do it.

Here are the most difficult habits one has to develop in order to be successful.

1. You need to work on developing inner fortitude.

Life’s often painful, complicated, and difficult. That’s why we must work on developing the emotional immunity that allows us to be fueled from within when it comes to building the life we want.

This can mean taking a cold shower once in a while, or going through the trouble of doing what you have to do when you don’t want to do it at all.

It can mean overcoming adversity with a smile on your face, or it can be as simple as running that extra smile when all you want is to stop.

Inner fortitude is like a muscle. You have to exercise it daily, unless you want it to become weak and fragile, and all you have to do to grow it is take the path of most resistance on a daily basis.

Why is it difficult?

Because it hurts. There’s a lot of mental, often even physical, discomfort when it comes to constantly venturing outside one’s comfort zone in order to build the inner fortitude required for success.

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